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Treat dreams came about after I left my job in 2019. I had just had my second child and we decided as a family that being home with the kids was important.

We faced numerous challenges along the way but gathering together at the dinner table has been the anchor that’s helped us through the ups and downs we have faced along the way.

I grew up baking with my grandmothers and my mother (dad wasn’t much of a cook but he did make a mean meatloaf).

And once I was home with my children I found I had so much more time to create delicious and interesting meals.

My aunt had her own bakery for years and she is the reason I love creating treats so much. I knew starting my own bake shop wasn’t possible in the near future so I did the next best thing, created Treat Dreams.

My hope is that this is a place where you can come for treat making inspiration. Whether you are cooking for your family, a dinner party, or the entire office I aim to bring you treat ideas and recipes that will make your guests dream about them when they get home.

I write the majority of recipes and articles you will find in these pages. Many of them came from my family, who likely had them passed down to them. Over the years I have tweaked some of those recipes and even created my own.

I’ve been baking for three decades now and learned from even more experienced bakers. But I realize I don’t know everything. I bring on helpful bakers to let you know about ideas I would never have come up with myself.

I hope you enjoy Treat Dreams, it’s not a shiny corporate website run by a big business but it is made with love. Let me know what you think and feel free to let me know your favorite treat creation.