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All Purpose Flour Substitute In Cookies

All Purpose Flour Substitute In Cookies

If you are baking cookies and are all out of all purpose flour, or are looking for a gluten free substitute then no need to worry! There are numerous alternatives for all purpose flour you can use to bake your cookie recipe.

These all purpose alternatives will work in any type of cookie, so read on for all the details and how to use each of the substitutes.

So what are the best substitutes for all-purpose flour when baking cookies?

The top all purpose flour substitutes for baking cookies are chickpea flour, almond flour, cashew flour, cassava flour, and coconut flour.

Alternatives to Baking Cookies with All-Purpose Flour

jars of different all-purpose flour substitutes in glass containers

I bake a lot of cookies (especially around the holidays) and I have a few friends who don’t eat gluten so I’ve experimented with a number of all-purpose flour substitutes.

And below you will find the best flour alternatives for making delicious cookies with great texture. Make sure to read on to find out how much of each substitute to use in your cookie recipe.

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Chickpea Flour

mixing bowl full of chickpea flour

Chickpea flour is an excellent gluten free substitute for all-purpose flour for baking cookies. This affordable flour substitute is produced from garbanzo beans and can be found at most supermarkets or specialty stores.

Chickpea flour is a versatile all-purpose flour alternative that can actually be used in any baked good recipe. It is well worth keeping your pantry stocked with chickpea flour.

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1 cup of chickpea flour equals 1 cup of all-purpose flour

Almond Flour

ceramic bowl of almond flour on old wood table

Also known as almond meal, almond flour is a wonderful replacement for all purpose flour in cookies.

It is produced by grinding almonds and removing the excess oil leaving a light powder that is similar to flour in consistency. It provides a subtle nutty flavor that works well in almost every cookie recipe.

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1 cup of almond flour equals 1 cup of all-purpose flour

Cashew Flour

measuring spoon of cashew flour and whole cashews

Another gluten free nut meal, cashew flour is a great sub for all purpose flour when baking cookies. It is produced by grinding cashews and removing their oils.

I find cashew flour particularly good for cookies with peanut butter or chocolate. The mild, earthy flavor pairs wonderfully with so many types of cookies though.


1 cup of cashew flour equals 1 cup of all-purpose flour

Cassava Flour

old wooden scoop of cassava flour

Produced from grinding a tuber, cassava flour is another great gluten free substitute for cassava flour. It works well in all cookie recipes, but keep in mind that your cookies will likely be bit flatter than if you used all-purpose flour.

Cassava flour can also be used as a thickener so it’s a good idea to keep some stocked in your kitchen.

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1 cup of cassava flour equals 1 cup of all-purpose flour

Coconut Flour

bowl of coconut flour with eggs and mixing utensils

Coconut flour has been gaining in popularity in recent years, and it’s a great option for replacing all-purpose flour when baking cookies.

Produced by grinding the meat of a coconut, this fine powder is white, similar to all purpose flour. And it offers almost no flavor at all so it won’t get in the way of the other flavors in your cookies.

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1 cup of coconut flour equals 1 cup of all-purpose flour

Bottom Line

Whether you are out of all-purpose flour or just need a gluten free alternative any of these substitutions will work wonderfully no matter what type of cookies you are making.

Let me know in the comments your favorite substitute for all-purpose flour, or if I missed another good alternative.