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  • bag of almond bark

    How To Melt Almond Bark

    No matter what recipe you are making, if you need to melt almond bark you will find the three best methods for getting the job done. Whether you are making chocolate covered pretzels or dipped holiday desserts, any of these techniques will help you quickly and easily melt your almond bark. While particularly popular around […] More

  • fudge squares on wooden slab

    How To Thicken Fudge (Simple Method)

    Is your fudge too thin? No need to worry, there is a quick and simple way to thicken any fudge. Read on for how to fix thin fudge and for tips on how to avoid it in the first place. Fudge sauce goes on so many amazing desserts. It is rich and decadent but what […] More

  • two fresh baked fudge brownies

    How To Freeze Brownies (Whole Pan and Individual)

    Yes you can freeze brownies! Whether you want to freeze an entire batch or individual brownies, read on for the simple and effective way to store your brownies in the freezer while retaining their delicious flavor. Sometimes when I make brownies for the family, they don’t quite get eaten up before they go stale. And […] More

  • macadamia nut oil and macadamia nuts

    Best Macadamia Oil Substitute

    Macadamia oil offers a high smoke point, so if you are out of macadamia oil and need a great substitute you will want to use an oil with a similar smoke point. So what are the best substitutes for macadamia oil? The top substitutes for macadamia oil are avocado oil, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, or […] More

  • chocolate Bundt cake with ganache

    Ganache vs Frosting

    In this article we will cover the difference between ganache and frosting as well as the best uses for each. Then I will answer the most frequently asked questions I’ve received for ganache vs frosting. So read on for the full rundown. What is Ganache Ganache is simple mix of chocolate and heavy cream. It […] More

  • coconut butter

    Coconut Butter vs Coconut Cream

    Coconut is one of the most versatile ingredients in the bakers kitchen (and one of my personal favorites). It comes in many forms and today we will be looking at coconut butter and coconut cream. I will let you know the difference between these two great coconut variations and how to best use them in […] More

  • glass of coconut milk and coconuts

    12 Simple Substitutes For Coconut Milk

    If you are out of coconut milk but need it for a recipe have no fear. In this article you will find the best substitutes for coconut milk that can be used no matter what you are making. You will find both lactose free and dairy alternatives for coconut milk. Coconut milk can be used […] More

  • coconuts and coconut butter with spoon

    Coconut Butter Substitutes (How To Use Them)

    In this article we will go over the best substitutes for coconut butter. No matter what you need coconut butter for, one of these alternatives will work perfectly. Coconut butter is one of those ingredients that require a substitute that offers not only great flavor but the right texture. Unfortunately a lot of advise I’ve […] More

  • chocolate buttercream frosted cupcakes

    Best Ganache Substitutes

    In this article we will go over the top substitutes for ganache. No matter what recipe you are making one of these ganache replacements will work perfectly for you. It’s no secret that I absolutely adore chocolate ganache. It’s rich, creamy, and goes perfectly with so many amazing desserts. From topping cakes, cupcakes, and donuts, […] More

  • measuring cup of chocolate chips

    How Many Cups In A Bag Of Chocolate Chips

    Here is a quick and handy guide for knowing how many cups are in all the common sized bags of chocolate chips. With this guide you can quickly tell how many chocolate chips (or chunks or any other variety) you need for your recipe. We have it laid out in sections as well as a […] More

  • mousse in white bowls

    Ganache Vs Mousse

    In this article you will find out the differences and similarities between ganache and mousse. These two delicious sweets both offer great flavor and dessert uses. Read on for the complete rundown on mousse and ganache. What Is Ganache Traditional ganache is a combination of chocolate and heavy cream. Though many other flavors can be […] More

  • soy milk whipped into cream

    Dairy Free Substitutes For Heavy Cream

    Non dairy alternatives for heavy cream are becoming more popular as more people remove dairy from their diets. That could be because you are going vegan, you (or someone in your family) is lactose intolerant, or any number of reasons. I’m not lactose intolerant but I’ve found there are times when going dairy free just […] More

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