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  • assorted xanthan gum substitutes

    Xanthan Gum Substitutes (How To Use Them)

    Are you all out of xanthan gum and you are making a recipe that calls for it? No need to worry, there are a number of excellent substitutes you can use no matter what you need xanthan gum for. Xanthan gum is used as a sauce thickener, in dressing, and even ice cream. Xanthan gum […] More

  • cheshire cheese substitutes

    Cheshire Cheese Substitutes

    Are you all out of Cheshire cheese but need it for a recipe? There’s no reason to worry, and before you make a special trip to the grocery store we will go over the best Cheshire cheese substitutes. Cheshire cheese is used in all types of recipes (there are three types of Cheshire cheese) and […] More

  • fresh peaches on wood table

    Flavors That Go With Peach

    Are you looking for peach flavor pairings? Today we will cover all the best flavors that go with peaches from spices, nuts, other fruits, beverages and more. No matter what type of peach inspired recipe you are making you will find all the culinary inspiration you need to make your flavors the best they can […] More

  • container of ghee on table

    Best Ghee Substitutes (And How To Use Them)

    If you are making a recipe that calls for ghee but you are all out, no need to make a special trip to the grocery store. There are multiple great substitutes you can use for ghee no matter what you are making. So if you need to know what to use instead of ghee and […] More

  • various types of flour in bowls

    Arrowroot Powder Substitutes

    Arrowroot powder is used in all types of recipes and no need to worry if you are all out. There are numerous great substitutes you can use to replace arrowroot powder and you will learn how to use them here. Whether you are making a tasty dessert a soup or main course, you have plenty […] More

  • pineapple juice in a pitcher

    Pineapple Juice Substitutes

    Are you all out of pineapple juice but need it for a recipe? No worries, there are numerous great substitutions you can use and you will find each of them right here. Whether making a refreshing mixed drink, fruit smoothie, or baking a pineapple inspired dessert, there are numerous great alternatives you can use. Make […] More

  • cheesecake with fresh strawberries

    Cream Cheese Substitutes (How To Use Them)

    Cream cheese is an incredibly versatile ingredient used in all types of recipes. From topping bagels and English muffins, to cheesecake and delicious dips, this kitchen staple should always be on hand. But what do you do if you’re in the middle of making a recipe and you find out you’re all out of cream […] More

  • slice of frosted cake

    Freezing Cake Before Frosting (Simple Method)

    Freezing your cake before frosting it offers numerous benefits. And many professional bakers swear by freezing cake before frosting it. I have also found it to be the way to go. And in this article you will not only learn why freezing your cake before adding decorations and frosting is the way to go, you […] More

  • honey in jar

    Best Molasses Substitute (How To Use Them)

    The deep flavor of molasses can be found in all types of recipes. From classic gingerbread and other sweet desserts to numerous savory dishes such as baked beans and barbecue. With a long culinary history, molasses was once a kitchen staple. And it has found itself gaining in popularity once again. If you are making […] More

  • glass of lemon juice with fresh lemons

    How Long Does Lemon Juice Last? (Does It Go Bad)

    Lemon juice is prized for adding acid and citrus to many recipes and should be a staple in your kitchen. It can be used in everything from a savory dinner marinade to sweet desserts baked for the entire family. But what if your lemon juice is past the expiration date? Is it safe to use? […] More

  • milk in glass decanter and eggs

    How To Thicken Milk

    There are a number of reason you may need to thicken milk. And no matter why you need a thicker milk, you will find the simplest and best method right here. Whether you are making a custard or a sauce that calls for thickened milk or even if altering a recipe for someone who has […] More

  • star sugar cookies on rustic table

    Can You Refreeze Cookies (Here’s How)

    If you are wondering if it’s safe to refreeze cookies that have been previously frozen, you came to the right place! The short answer is, yes you can refreeze cookies. But it is important to refreeze them the right way, and to consider the type of cookie you are thinking about refreezing. This comes up […] More

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