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  • plate of brownies

    How Long Do Brownies Last?

    How Long Do Baked Brownies Last Before Going Bad? Brownies can last on the counter top for 4-7 days, and in the refrigerator for 7-10 days. Brownies that are stored properly, including a sealed container or wrapping, are more likely to maintain their freshness. How Long Does Brownie Mix Last? A brownie’s best by date […] More

  • homemade yogurt in jars

    Why Is Your Homemade Yogurt Grainy (How To Fix It)

    Did your homemade yogurt turn out grainy? No fear! This common problem can be fixed and I will show you how to do it quick and easy. What Causes Homemade Yogurt To Be Grainy? Your milk was not at a high enough temperature when you added your starter culture. This resulted in a low lactose […] More

  • no bake cookies three of them

    Can You Reheat No Bake Cookies (Here’s How)

    Yes you can reheat no bake cookies! Whether you want a warm no bake or they came out gooey, you can follow the instructions below for a delicious and warm no bake. How To Reheat No Bake Cookies If you need your no bake cookies to stay soft after reheating, here’s a great trick! Line […] More

  • maple extract in bottles

    Easy Substitutions For Maple Extract

    Does your recipe call for maple extract but you’re all out? No worries! I will show you the best substitutes for maple extract so you can still make your dish. Maple Extract Substitutes Maple Syrup To use maple syrup in place of maple extract, use 1/2 to 3/4 teaspoon of syrup for every teaspoon of […] More

  • carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting

    How To Thicken Cream Cheese Frosting

    Is your cream cheese frosting runny? No need to throw it out! Here are a few ways you can thicken it up in no time at all. You don’t even need powdered sugar or cornstarch to thicken your icing! Runny Cream Cheese Frosting? Here’s How To Fix It 1) Add more cream cheese to the […] More

  • pancake breakfast on place with orange juice

    Pancakes VS Flapjacks

    What’s The Difference Between Flapjacks and Pancakes? At first glance, flapjack and pancake appear to be very similar. Indeed, they are both of the breakfast variety and consist of a mixture of ingredients that are cooked on a griddle. However, upon closer inspection there is some difference between the two which can leave you wondering […] More

  • waffle sandwich with turkey

    Things to Do with Leftover Waffles

    Don’t throw away those waffles! There are so many great dishes you can make with leftover waffles. My husband makes a lot of waffles for me and the kids. And sometimes he goes a little overboard and makes more than we can finish. So that got me working on things to make with those waffles […] More

  • blueberry pie on plate

    Things to Do with Leftover Pie Filling

    I make a lot of pies for family and friends, and I frequently have extra pie filling when I’m done baking. What to do with the leftovers? Glad you asked! There are a few recipes in this post that offer some creative ideas for what to do with your extra pie filling. The great thing […] More

  • pie crust in pan

    Things to Do with Leftover Pie Crust

    There are so many delicious treats you can make with leftover pie crusts, and we’re going to show you some of the best ones. From dunkers to tarts, here are some recipes that’ll make your next dessert even more delicious. You can also use the leftover pie crust with any other ingredients you have on […] More

  • meringue cookies

    Things to Do with Leftover Meringue: Dessert Ideas

    I make meringue frequently and occasionally have some leftover meringue. So, I’m going to share some of my favorite dishes that I make with leftover meringue. Dessert Inspiration For Leftover Meringue Meringue nests: Make your meringue and then pipe it into little nests on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper. Bake them in the […] More

  • Bisquick pancake mix waffle with syrup

    Easy Pumpkin Waffles With Bisquick

    Quick and Simple Waffles Made with Bisquick Pancake Mix This is the perfect simple fall breakfast waffle recipe! The pumpkin flavor is so good and it is definitely one of the most requested waffles in my house. They offer just the right amount of sweet to be eaten on their own, or dressed up with […] More

  • no bake cookies on baking sheet

    No Bake Cookies Without Peanut Butter

    Delicious no bake cookies, no peanut butter needed! Simple and quick recipe perfect for when you don’t have any peanut butter available. My boys (including my husband) love no bake cookies and we make a lot of different styles. But every once in a while we are craving them but don’t have enough peanut butter […] More

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