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  • sliced orange

    Flavors That Go Well With Orange

    Are you looking for flavors that pair well with orange? Today we are going to do a complete guide to orange flavor pairings in all types of recipes. Whether you’re making an orange inspired smoothie or beverage, baking a tasty orange dessert, or topping waffles or crepes we are going to go over all of […] More

  • wood bowl with bundle of fresh thyme

    Best Substitutes For Thyme (Fresh or Dry)

    Are you out of thyme? Have no fear, we will give you the best thyme substitutes for both fresh and dry thyme. No matter if your recipe calls for dry thyme or fresh thyme, there are a handful of great alternatives you can use that will work perfectly in any recipe. Due to the large […] More

  • bowl of tahini and scoop of sesame seeds

    Tahini Vs Peanut Butter

    What are the differences between peanut butter and tahini? Peanut butter is smooth when it’s used as a spread, whereas tahini is more textured and grainy. When mixed into food, peanut butter becomes more liquid than tahini.Tahini has a strong sesame flavor that can overpower other flavors in some recipes. What Is Tahini? Tahini is […] More

  • bowl of butterscotch chips

    How To Store Butterscotch

    If you have leftover butterscotch or butterscotch chips and want to keep them fresh read on for the best ways to store your butterscotch. What Is Butterscotch? Butterscotch is a sweet and caramelly-tasting confection that is made from corn syrup, sugar, butter, vanilla extract and salt. It is an old English style of candy that […] More

  • pot of caramel

    Cajeta vs Caramel

    What Is The Difference Between Cajeta and Caramel? Cajeta is a sweetened caramelly syrup or paste made from goat’s milk, water and sugar. Cajeta is a very popular drink in Mexico, and it can be served cold or hot. It is also used in making Mexican desserts such as enchiladas con cajeta. Caramel is made […] More

  • apple pie on baking board

    Shortening Cooking Guide

    Shortening is a popular ingredient in baking and cooking. It has many uses and is a true kitchen staple. Understanding how and when to use shortening will help you create more flavorful dishes and desserts. This guide will answer all your shortening cooking and baking questions. What is shortening made of? Shortening is a solid […] More

  • whole almonds and two bottle of almond extract

    Best Substitute For Almond Extract

    Did you run out of almond extract and your recipe doesn’t tell you what you can substitute for it? Well there’s no reason to stop making your recipe, there are a number of excellent replacements for almond extract. No matter what you’re making, whether a cake, ice cream, donuts or anything else, one of these […] More

  • almond extract and bowl of whole almonds

    Almond Extract Vs Almond Flavoring

    Both almond extract and almond flavoring are utilized in cooking and baking to provide a flavor that is reminiscent of nuts. Almond extract is made by soaking whole almonds in an alcohol-based solution and removing the solids, whereas almond flavoring typically does not include whole almonds. The two varieties are so similar that they can […] More

  • Dulce de Leche in glass jar

    Dulce de Leche vs Caramel

    What is the Difference Between Dulce de Leche and Caramel? The differences are that Dulce de Leche is from Latin America and is made with milk, sugar and vanilla, while Caramel is made with sugar, butter and cream. A major difference between Dulce de Leche and Caramel is that Dulce de Leche has a thinner […] More

  • vanilla bean pods on a table

    Best Substitutes For Vanilla Bean

    I use a lot of vanilla bean for homemade ice cream, coffee creamer, infused maple syrup and so much more! I love this ingredient for all sorts of tasty desserts, beverages, and treats but sometimes I am all out and so is the grocery store. And that is exactly why I’ve become the master of […] More

  • almond-bark-on-plate

    Almond Bark vs Bakers Chocolate

    What Is The Difference Between Almond Bark and Bakers Chocolate? Almond bark is chocolate that has almonds mixed in, while bakers chocolate does not. Almond bark is typically made with a mixture of cocoa powder and milk chocolate, while bakers chocolate is made with a mixture of cocoa powder and sweetened condensed milk. Almond bark […] More

  • chocolate pudding in bowl on table and towel

    How To Store Pudding (How Long Does It Last?)

    Do you have leftover pudding you need to store? Well I will let you know how to store and how long pudding lasts with each storage method. These methods will work with all different types of pudding but here are some examples of pudding you can store for later. Types of Pudding Chocolate Pudding Vanilla […] More

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