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Best Baking Subreddits

Best Baking Subreddits

Reddit has a lot to offer us bakers. There is huge user base of helpful and knowledgeable bakers to learn from. And while there are a few huge subreddits that are easy to find, there are some great smaller ones that you should definitely check out too!

I love connecting with other bakers on reddit, I’ve actively used the site since around 2010. While I enjoy answering questions and helping other bakers, I also find great ideas and recipe ideas to try out in my own kitchen.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy too, check out my list of the best subreddits for bakers. Some you may have heard of, but I guarantee you will find some great new communities as well.

Subreddits Every Baker Should Know

slice of chocolate layer cake on plate

Some of these subreddits focus on recipes while others are geared toward answering user questions so there’s a lot to gain from each of them.

I’ve found so many helpful bakers on reddit that have helped me improve my baking. And when you’re just looking for some recipe inspiration, it’s a great place to get it.

Some communities have a huge user base while others are much smaller, but they all have great content.


strawberry and cream topped cake

This large subreddit is very active with knowledgeable users. It’s geared toward answering questions that range from beginner to expert.

Because it has such a large amount of users, you get some interesting perspectives and outside the box thinking.

I’ve found the community to be friendly to beginners, so it’s a great place to ask questions.


fancy decorated cake

This is one of my favorite baking subreddits! It has a medium sized user base and it quite active. This subreddit focuses on user submitted pictures of decorated cakes and cupcakes.

You will find everything from professional level cake decorators to beginners. You can pick up some great decorating pointers or just enjoy the wonderful pictures.

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light blue themed decorated cake

If you are looking for a smaller community, r/cake is a welcoming subreddit to check out. While not super active, you will find new posts daily and most will be people showing off their most recent cake.

I like r/cake for the pictures and the laid back user base.

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bunny in forest themed birthday cake

r/Cakewin is another small community that is a lot of fun. It’s focused on user submitted pictures of decorated cakes.

And there are some incredibly talented cake decorators on this subreddit. It’s a great place to get some cake decorating ideas.


top view of cocoa cookie bars

r/old_recipes is one of my all time favorite subreddits! This medium sized community has grown a lot since I joined and the community is incredibly friendly.

You will find loads of old school recipes of all types. These are the types of recipes grandma (and great grandma) made.

It’s a ton of fun seeing the old handwritten recipes and cookbooks and you’re sure to find some ideas you never considered before.

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chocolate brownie cakes with powdered sugar

This large subreddit is a great all in one place to find recipes, tips, and friendly baking related conversation.

There are a lot of knowledgeable bakers on this subreddit as well as beginners so everyone will feel right at home.

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box full of macarons in assorted colors

Want to learn how to make homemade macarons or just show off your latest batch? This is the place to go.

This subreddit has a lot of great tips and inspirational pic to scroll through. The community is friendly and helpful so beginners are welcome.

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decorated vanilla cupcakes

While there are a lot of non baking videos on this subreddit, you will find some great dessert recipe videos too.

While I like my recipes in written form, this is a great place to go for the more visually inclined bakers.


top view of home baked cookies decorated with frosting

This medium sized subreddit is chocked full of user submitted pictures of decorated cookies. It’s one of my favorite places to lurk.

I’m still working on my own cookie decorating skills and I’ve picked up some great tips and ideas from this group.

Bottom Line

Between all these subreddits, there’s enough recipes, tips, and inspiration to keep any baker busy for quite some time.

Did I miss your favorite baking subreddit? Let me know so I can check it out.