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Simple Banana Cream Frosting

Simple Banana Cream Frosting

This flavorful and fluffy frosting is a real delight. It’s perfect for frosting or filling any of your favorite desserts with a delicious banana flavor.

If you like light and fluffy frosting and are looking for one packed with banana flavor, this is the recipe for you.

It’s the perfect frosting for cupcakes, cake, cookies, cheesecake and more. You’re also going to love how easy it is to make.

Make sure to bookmark or pin this recipe so you can make it again and again.

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Simple to Make Banana Whipped Cream Frosting

pumpkin spice cupcakes with banana icing

The banana and whipped cream pairs so wonderfully with the subtle use of cloves and just the right amount of sweet in this recipe.

Prep time is super quick, only about five minutes, so you will be able to get in and out of the kitchen in no time.

Equipment for this recipe includes a hand mixer and a mixing bowl. If you want to make your whipped cream yourself, just grab one more mixing bowl and you’re all set to go.

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Banana Frosting Ingredients

peeled ripe banana

Just a handful of common ingredients is all it takes to make this light and fluffy frosting. It’s super easy and you may already have everything you need on hand.

Ingredients List

  • Ripe Banana (sliced)
  • Granulated Sugar
  • Ground Cloves
  • Whipped Cream

Banana: The key to getting that wonderful banana flavor is using a ripe banana. If your banana has a bit of brown on it, then you’re on the right track. As long as you go with a ripe banana, you’re going to love the flavor of your frosting.

Whipped Cream: For this recipe, you can use premade whipped topping or homemade whipped cream. The flavor works wonderfully either way so go with the one you prefer. One note, don’t use that canned spray whipped cream. The texture just doesn’t come out right.

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Easy Recipe Instructions

mixing bowl with whipped cream and banana

If you plan to use homemade whipped cream, make it right before it’s time to fold it into the rest of your frosting mixture. This will ensure you achieve the lightest and fluffiest texture possible.

So, once you have all your ingredients prepped and ready to go, it’s time to make your frosting!

Step 1: Slice your banana and add them to your mixing bowl

Step 2: Mix your banana on medium until they are creamy

Step 3: Add your granulated sugar and ground cloves and mix well

Step 4: Fold in your whipped cream

Step 5: Frost your dessert immediately and enjoy!

one vanilla cupcake with banana cream frosting

Simple Banana Cream Frosting

Wonderful flavor and amazing texture, this frosting is perfect for any of your favorite types of desserts.
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Prep Time 7 minutes
Total Time 7 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine American
Servings 8
Calories 80 kcal


  • 1 Hand Mixer
  • 2 Mixing Bowls


  • 1 Ripe Banana sliced
  • 4 Tbs Granulated Sugar
  • ½ tsp Ground Cloves
  • ¾ Cup Whipped Cream


  • Slice your banana and add them to your mixing bowl
  • Mix your banana on medium until they are creamy
  • Add your granulated sugar and ground cloves and mix well
  • Fold in your whipped cream
  • Frost your dessert immediately and enjoy!


Calories: 80kcal
Keyword Banana Frosting, Whipped Cream
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Recipe Notes

  • This recipe yields enough frosting for a thin layer for most standard cake recipes. For a thicker layer of frosting, double your recipe
  • You can store your frosting in the refrigerator for up to three days, just make sure to keep it in an airtight container