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Best Apricot Jam Substitutes

Best Apricot Jam Substitutes

If you are making an apricot treat and you’ve run out of apricot preserves have no fear! There are a number of great alternatives for apricot jam that you can use to make your recipe just as tasty.

Apricot jam (especially homemade) goes so well in many different desserts and recipes so I’ve taken the time to learn the best replacements no matter what recipe I am using. And you can use any of the alternatives below for your recipe too!

So what are the apricot jam Alternatives?

The best substitutes for apricot jam are canned fruit, apple jelly, duck sauce, honey, orange marmalade, peach jam, ginger jelly, or a gelatin sugar and water combination.

Apricot Jam Alternatives

I use apricot preserves in everything from cookies, to ice cream, to toast! But when I am out it’s time to use one of the following delicious substitutes.

Canned Fruit

The first alternate is canned fruit. When apricot preserves are not available canned fruit is a great alternative to most any sweet dish.

Use canned peaches, pears, plums, and even apricots for your recipes. Just make sure you take out the juices and add the fruit straight into whatever it is you are going to be using it in.

Apple Jelly

Apple jelly is a great alternative to apricot jam.. Just like with the canned fruit. You can use apple jelly in many of the same recipes that you would pour your homemade apricot jam into. It provides a sweet taste and the ideal texture.

Duck Sauce

Duck sauce is another alternative for apricot preserves. It works nicely in different recipes and gives a unique flavor to whatever you use it in. I use about 2/3 of how much apricot jelly is called for.


Honey is a great substitute for any jam, including apricot. It is actually what I would suggest to my friends who can’t make their own jam. Honey works well in cookies, cakes, and on toast.

I would try a mixture of honey and apple jelly as well. This is an amazing combo and works so well in many desserts.

Orange Marmalade

For some desserts I think of orange marmalade as a ‘better’ alternative to apricot preserves. It helps that orange marmalade has such a lovely flavor and texture. It is great for cookies, and cakes as well as a topping to any dessert.

Peach Jam

Peach jam is another great sub for apricot preserves. It offers a sweet taste and thick consistency that works really well with many different recipes like pancakes, muffins, and breads.

Ginger Jelly

Ginger is one of my favorite flavors. I love the sweet and spicy taste it has. It is great for mix ups with your cake and fruit cake recipe’s. It just adds a hint of spice to any dessert that you use it in. You can use it in the same way you would put apricot preserve in your recipe.

Gelatin, Sugar, and Water

This mixture can be used to sub whenever you need apricot jam as a topping. It makes a tasty glaze that is very versatile. Simply mix in a ratio that creates the consistency you are looking for. It makes a great finishing drizzle with a touch of sweet.

Bottom Line

When it comes to using jams and jellies there are many great alternatives to the taste of apricot preserve. I have tried many of them in the past and can honestly say that they are delicious! So whether you are looking for a sweetener or simply a flavor add-in, you may just find what you need in your recipe.

I would love to hear some of your favorite recipes that use apricot jam! Please drop me a line or a comment below and I would love to try your recipe out.