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Can You Refreeze Cookies (Here’s How)

Can You Refreeze Cookies (Here’s How)

If you are wondering if it’s safe to refreeze cookies that have been previously frozen, you came to the right place!

The short answer is, yes you can refreeze cookies. But it is important to refreeze them the right way, and to consider the type of cookie you are thinking about refreezing.

This comes up every year for my family around the holidays. We love to bake up cookies ahead of time and place them in the freezer to avoid even more baking during the hectic holiday season.

See, we like to give out little baskets of treats and other goodies so freezing our cookies is a real time saver. But the issue comes that sometimes we take more cookies out of the freezer than we need, so we learned fast whether or not you can refreeze cookies.

Yes, You Can Refreeze Cookies After Thawing Them!

homemade chocolate chip cookies

Unlike meat, you can freeze, thaw, and then refreeze cookies. There is no food safety reason not to!

The main issue is doing it properly to avoid freezer burn and lost texture and flavor. But you can retain much (or all) of your cookies original texture and flavor if you refreeze them properly.

Best Method for Refreezing Cookies After They Have Been Thawed

peanut butter and oatmeal cookies

So, can you refreeze cookies after defrosting? Yes you can!

When refreezing cookies it best to think of it like you are refreezing bread. The process is much the same and when done properly, your cookies will refreeze without losing flavor or altering the texture.

What you need

  • Plastic wrap
  • Freezer safe bags

First thing you will need to do is to separate your cookies in amounts that you will want to thaw them later.

A little planning ahead will save you refreezing your cookies even more times. And that’s a good thing!

Next, wrap your cookies in plastic wrap. Make sure they are tightly wrapped as this will help retain flavor and texture as well as prevent freezer burn.

Next place your cookies in a freezer safe bag and seal it. Now place them in a second freezer safe bag (or preferred airtight container) and seal it.

Tip: Removing as much air as possible will ensure well frozen cookies that will not freezer burn.

Now you’re ready to place your cookies in the freezer. I recommend placing them all the way in the back of the freezer. This will help your cookies freeze faster and avoid premature thawing when the freezer door is opened.

And that’s all there is to safely and effectively refreezing cookies!

How Long Do Refrozen Cookies Stay Good?

When following the method outlined above, your cookies will stay good for a long time. You can expect up to six months, and even longer, when frozen the way I recommend.

How many times can cookies be frozen?

You can potentially refreeze cookies many times. The key is how well they were frozen and stored prior to each time they were frozen.

By following the method above, I have successfully frozen cookies three times without losing flavor or texture.

Can you freeze and refreeze cookie dough?

Yes you can freeze and refreeze cookie dough. Much the same as baked cookies, your dough can be frozen, thawed, and frozen again.

It is important to tightly wrap your dough and place it in a freezer safe, airtight container when freezing it or freezer burn or lost texture and flavor can occur.

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Can I freeze cookies twice?

Yes you can. As noted above, I have successfully frozen, thawed, and frozen again cookies with no issues.

Can sugar cookies be frozen twice?

Yes, sugar cookies are particularly well suited for freezing more than once. When wrapped and sealed properly, they can be frozen multiple times without negatively effecting their taste or texture.

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Bottom Line

As you can see, refreezing cookies poses no food safety issues. And when done following the method I’ve shown you, you will likely retain your cookies original flavor and texture.

The key to refreezing cookies is keeping air away from them, and maintaining a constant cold temp in your freezer.