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  • bowl of fresh plums on table

    Substitutes For Plum Extract (Japanese Apricots)

    Are you making a recipe that calls for plum extract but don’t have any and cannot find it at your store? No need to worry, there are great options you can use as a substitute no matter what you are making. Plum extract is called Japanese apricots in some recipes but we are talking about […] More

  • homemade funnel cake

    How To Heat Up Funnel Cake

    Do you have funnel cake that you want to reheat? I’ve heard some say that heating up funnel cake is tricky, but it’s super simple and effective when you use the method in this article. One of the best parts about funnel cake is it’s crispy texture when it’s fresh. But if you have some […] More

  • bowl of cottage cheese

    Quark vs Cottage Cheese

    If you are wondering what the difference is between quark cheese and cottage cheese then you will find everything you need to know in this article. Both of these types of cheeses are popular and at times are confused for one another. But quark and cottage cheese are not the same thing. Understanding the difference […] More

  • cacao butter on a plate

    Cacao Butter vs Cocoa Butter

    Cocoa butter and cacao butter are names for the same thing. Even though both names use the word butter, there is no dairy in it and they are vegan friendly. Cacao butter and cocoa butter are also known as thebroma oil and can be found in dessert and savory dishes as well as beauty products. […] More

  • coconut oil and coconuts

    Coconut Butter vs Coconut Oil

    Coconut butter and coconut oil are both popular products used in all sorts of cooking and baking recipes. Both of these products are produced from coconut and offer similar flavor and aroma. But there are some key differences that will effect when you use them. Coconut oil is widely popular but coconut butter is a […] More

  • in

    How To Dry Cranberries (Simple Method)

    Growing up my family made a yearly pilgrimage to visit family in rural Wisconsin. And one of my favorite parts of our time there was helping my mother and aunt dry fresh cranberries. Cranberries were, and still are, a staple in the kitchens of my family. The tart and sweet flavor is a wonderful addition […] More

  • pot of heated ganache

    How To Reheat Ganache

    Ganache is rich and creamy and perfect as a frosting or filling for all types of baked recipes. From cakes and cupcakes, to tarts and dipping fruit, ganache is versatile and simple to make. But how do you reheat ganache? It is very important to properly reheat ganache in order to maintain it’s decadent flavor […] More

  • bottle of walnut oil and walnuts

    Best Walnut Oil Substitutes (How To Use Them)

    If you’re all out of walnut oil or can’t find it at the grocery store but need it for a recipe don’t scrap your culinary plans just yet! Walnut oil is not the easiest thing to find in many areas but is an important ingredient in all types of recipes. Well there are some substitutes […] More

  • two bottles of vanilla extract

    Does Vanilla Extract Go Bad

    One of the most commonly used ingredients in baking, vanilla extract is a true kitchen staple. If you have an old container of vanilla extract and want to know if it’s safe to use, you will find the answer in this article. First, you need to know what type of vanilla extract you have. The […] More

  • jar of plum preserves and fresh plums

    Plum Preserves Substitute (How To Use Them)

    Plum preserves is sweet and delicious and is called for in many recipes. If you are all out of plum preserves and you can’t find any at your grocery store, don’t give up on that recipe just yet. There are multiple substitutes you can use no matter what type of recipe you are making. Plum […] More

  • bowl of cottage cheese

    Cottage Cheese vs Sour Cream

    If you are looking for the difference between sour cream and cottage cheese or are wondering which of these two dairy products to use in a recipe, read on for the full rundown. Cottage cheese is a soft cheese with a mild flavor and curd like consistency. Sour cream has a tangier flavor and a […] More

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