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  • measuring cup of chocolate chips

    How Many Cups In A Bag Of Chocolate Chips

    Here is a quick and handy guide for knowing how many cups are in all the common sized bags of chocolate chips. With this guide you can quickly tell how many chocolate chips (or chunks or any other variety) you need for your recipe. We have it laid out in sections as well as a […] More

  • mousse in white bowls

    Ganache Vs Mousse

    In this article you will find out the differences and similarities between ganache and mousse. These two delicious sweets both offer great flavor and dessert uses. Read on for the complete rundown on mousse and ganache. What Is Ganache Traditional ganache is a combination of chocolate and heavy cream. Though many other flavors can be […] More

  • wood bowl with bundle of fresh thyme

    Best Substitutes For Thyme (Fresh or Dry)

    Are you out of thyme? Have no fear, we will give you the best thyme substitutes for both fresh and dry thyme. No matter if your recipe calls for dry thyme or fresh thyme, there are a handful of great alternatives you can use that will work perfectly in any recipe. Due to the large […] More

  • soy milk whipped into cream

    Dairy Free Substitutes For Heavy Cream

    Non dairy alternatives for heavy cream are becoming more popular as more people remove dairy from their diets. That could be because you are going vegan, you (or someone in your family) is lactose intolerant, or any number of reasons. I’m not lactose intolerant but I’ve found there are times when going dairy free just […] More

  • orange juice in a jar and fresh oranges

    Best Substitute For Orange Juice

    Are you all out of orange juice but need it for a recipe? Have no fear! There are a number of kitchen staples you can use as an orange juice substitute in any recipe. My family knows I won’t make a special trip to the grocery store for a single ingredient and that means I […] More

  • homemade cherry pie

    How To Freeze Cherry Pie (Simple Method)

    In my kitchen a lot of pies are baked and that inevitably leads to leftovers. Whether I am baking for the family or for a special occasion or holiday know how to freeze a cherry pie has saved me multiple times. Being able to bake your cherry pie ahead of time leads to saved time […] More

  • table of brownies

    How To Soften Hard Brownies

    Uh oh! Your brownies are hard, but don’t throw them away! You can soften hard brownies and make them delicious (and edible) once again. There are a number of simple and quick techniques you can use and I will let you know all the ways to soften your brownies. These methods work for all types […] More

  • meringue cookies on table

    How To Freeze Meringue (Best Methods)

    Meringue is so tasty and simple to prepare that I include it in all sorts of tasty treats! And that means sometimes I end up with more meringue than I need for a particular recipe. And since I hate to waste a good meringue I’ve learned the best way to freeze my meringue so I […] More

  • buttercream frosted chocolate cupcakes

    How To Freeze Frosted Cupcakes (Best Method)

    If you’re anything like me, you like to bake your desserts ahead of time whenever you have the chance. And when it comes to making treats, like frosted cupcakes, for a get together or party I rarely have time to make them the day of the event. That means storing your cupcakes in a way […] More

  • mascarpone cheese in a wooden scoop

    How To Freeze Mascarpone Cheese

    I use a lot of mascarpone cheese and I’ve found it a great candidate for freezing. If you have leftover mascarpone cheese you want to freeze then you’re in luck! You can freeze mascarpone cheese and my process is simple and quick. Read on for the easiest and most effective way to freeze mascarpone. Yes […] More

  • spoon and bowl of quark

    Best Substitute For Quark

    Quark is a great cheese that I use in both sweet and savory dishes but my local grocery store does not always carry it so I’ve had to learn some great substitutes. So if you are in the same position then no need to worry! There are a few great quark alternatives that you can […] More

  • wooden bowl of chestnuts

    Best Substitutes For Chestnuts

    If you are making a recipe that calls for chestnuts but you’re all out or the store just doesn’t have them in stock, have no fear! There are some great substitutes you can use in place of chestnuts in any recipe. If you have ever read any of my articles then you know I refuse […] More

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