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Cheshire Cheese Substitutes

Cheshire Cheese Substitutes

Are you all out of Cheshire cheese but need it for a recipe? There’s no reason to worry, and before you make a special trip to the grocery store we will go over the best Cheshire cheese substitutes.

Cheshire cheese is used in all types of recipes (there are three types of Cheshire cheese) and no matter what you are making you will find a great alternative here. We will also go over how to best use each of the top substitutes.

So what are the best substitutes for Cheshire cheese?

The top Cheshire cheese substitutes are Wensleydale cheese, cheddar cheese, Caerphilly cheese, Feta, and Lancashire cheese.

Cheshire Cheese Alternatives

different cheeses

Cheshire cheese offers a wonderful, mild flavor. It is a great melting cheese and it is semi-hard and crumbly.

Cheshire cheese is usually aged for at least three months, and it offers a more intense flavor as it ages.

There are three types of Cheshire cheese, and each of them can be substituted with the cheeses found in the list below.

So whether your recipe calls for white Cheshire, red Cheshire, or blue Cheshire cheese you will find the replacement cheese you need.

Wensleydale Cheese

Wensleydale Cheese

This crumbly English cheese offers a delicious flavor with a honey aroma. It can be found in varieties aged a few months up to nine months.

The longer Wensleydale is aged, the stronger the flavor. Overall Wensleydale offers a texture and flavor quite similar to Cheshire cheese and it works well in all types of recipes that call for Cheshire cheese.

Use a 1:1 ratio when substituting Wensleydale for Cheshire cheese.

Cheddar Cheese

cheddar cheese

This kitchen staple is a great option for replacing Cheshire cheese in all types of recipes. Cheddar is one of the most popular cheeses and you likely already have some in your fridge.

This cow’s milk cheese is crumbly and offers a mild to sharp flavor that compliments most recipes that use Cheshire cheese.

Cheddar is also a good melting cheese so it can be used in many types of dishes making this one of the most versatile Cheshire cheese replacements on the list.

Use a 1:1 ratio when using cheddar instead of Cheshire.

Caerphilly Cheese

Caerphilly Cheese

This tasty white cheese offers a texture much like cheddar. And it offers a mild flavor that is quite similar to Cheshire cheese. In fact, this cheese was developed by those looking to create a cheese similar to Cheshire and Lancashire.

This cheese is both crumbly and melts like Cheshire making it a solid all around substitute for Cheshire cheese.

Use a 1:1 ratio when using Caerphilly in place of Cheshire cheese.

Feta Cheese

Feta Cheese

This crumbly white cheese was first produced in Greece and it is a great substitute for Cheshire cheese.

It does contain more fat than Cheshire as it is produced using both cow and sheep milk. It offers a crumbly, grainy texture making it a great option to top pastries, salads, and more.

Use a 1:1 ratio when replacing Cheshire with Feta.

Lancashire Cheese

Lancashire Cheese

While not as readily available in the US as the other cheeses on the list, if you can find it, Lancashire cheese is a perfect substitute for Cheshire cheese in all types of recipes.

This crumbly, English cheese offers a mild flavor quite similar to Cheshire. It also offers a similar texture making it a great Cheshire alternative.

Use a 1:1 ratio when using Lancashire cheese to substitute Cheshire.

Cheshire Replacement FAQ

Is Cheshire cheese like Cheddar?

While not identical, cheddar and Cheshire share similarities. They are both crumbly cheeses with a mild to sharp flavor. They both can be used melted or un-melted and can be substituted for each other.

Is Cheshire cheese like feta?

Both cheeses are crumbly and can be used in similar recipes. Feta has a stronger flavor and has a grainier texture than Cheshire cheese. Feta can be used as a Cheshire substitute.

Is Cheshire cheese similar to Wensleydale?

Yes, Wensleydale and Cheshire are similar cheeses. They offer similar flavor and texture and can be used in place of each other.