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Chestnut vs Hazelnut (Everything You Need To Know)

Chestnut vs Hazelnut (Everything You Need To Know)

Chestnuts and hazelnuts both make wonderful snacks by themselves and are used to top a number of sweet and savory recipes.

If you are looking to understand what to best use each of these popular nuts for, you will learn the answers to all of your questions right in this article.

I use both hazelnuts and chestnuts in my kitchen. I will use them to add an earthy flavor to all sorts of desserts and recipes (and I love munching on nuts for a quick snack).

So if you are wondering whether to use chestnuts or hazelnuts in your next recipe (or if they can be used in place of each other) read on for the complete rundown.

Hazelnuts and Chestnuts Uses, Similarities, and Differences

chocolate cupcakes with crumbled chestnut

Hazelnuts and chestnuts can both be used to top a number of recipes as well as eaten alone. While raw chestnuts have a bitter flavor, when roasted they offer a sweet buttery flavor much like hazelnuts.

Both of these nuts are popular and readily available at most local grocery stores. Read on for more on how to best use these two delicious nuts as well as their differences and similarities.

Chestnut Uses

jar of chestnuts on wood table

Chestnuts offer a number of uses from savory stews to high cuisine. They can be used to top your main course or your sweet desserts and even make a great addition to many breakfast dishes.

Chestnuts must be roasted or cooked before eating. Luckily, most stores offer roasted chestnuts so you do not need to worry about cooking them before adding them to your recipe.

Recipes from all around the world make use of chestnuts. Here is a list of ideas for using chestnuts to get you started.

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  • Top waffles, pancakes, or French toast
  • Add to sweet or savory crepes
  • Top oatmeal with maple syrup and chestnuts
  • Sprinkle over a yogurt parfait
  • Add to soups or stews
  • Add to a honey glaze for ham
  • Chicken and chestnuts
  • Add to your roast
  • Turkey with chestnuts
  • Fry some fritters with chestnuts
  • Sprinkle on ice cream
  • Make a chestnut icing
  • Chocolate chestnut torte
  • Add to cake and cupcakes
  • Crumble over brownies
  • Top baked breads
  • Create a chestnut sauce for meat or veggies

Hazelnut Uses

bowl of hazelnuts on table with nut cracker

Hazelnuts (also called filberts) provide a sweet and buttery flavor that compliments all types of recipes. Hazelnuts can be incorporated into breakfast, dinner, and dessert recipes.

Hazelnuts, like chestnuts, are versatile and I keep them stocked in my pantry year round. They can be used whole or chopped and they are readily available at most grocery stores.

Here are some ideas for using hazelnuts to get you started. But feel free to add them to any of your sweet or savory recipes.

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  • Top pancakes, waffles, or French toast
  • Add to sweet crepes like these chocolate crepes
  • Add chopped hazelnuts to pies
  • Bake hazelnut cookies
  • Hazelnut tarts
  • Hazelnut mouse
  • Add hazelnut flavoring to coffees and mixed drinks
  • Add chopped hazelnuts to pasta
  • Hazelnut pesto
  • Top salads
  • Add to fish recipes

Chestnut vs Hazelnut FAQ

hazelnuts and hazelnut spread on bread

Do chestnuts and hazelnuts taste the same?

While hazelnuts and chestnuts do not taste exactly the same, they both offer an earthy, sweet and buttery flavor. They provide a flavor that is similar enough to make them work well in place of each other.

Can you substitute chestnuts for hazelnuts?

Yes, chestnuts can be used instead of hazelnuts in all types of recipes. They provide a similar flavor and chestnuts compliment most any recipe that calls for hazelnuts.

Can you substitute hazelnuts for chestnuts?

Yes, because both of these nuts offer a sweet and butter flavor, hazelnuts will work well in any recipe that calls for chestnuts.