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Best Cocoa Butter Substitutes

Best Cocoa Butter Substitutes

So where I live there isn’t always cocoa butter on the shelf of the grocery store. And that means I often have to use a substitute to finish whatever recipe I am currently baking.

If you are in need of a good cocoa butter replacement then this is the article for you. I will let you know the best alternatives you can use no matter what you are making.

So what are the best substitutes for cocoa butter?

The most versatile cocoa butter substitutes are butter, cacao butter, coconut butter, and coconut oil.

And for certain dishes, cocoa powder and even white chocolate can used to replace cocoa butter.

All substitutes must have a similar fat content to cocoa butter if being used in a baked dish. The last two can be used in creams and frostings.

What Is Cocoa Butter?

Cocoa butter is a fat that is extracted from the cocoa beans of the cacao plant. It is a pale yellow, creamy substance that has a very faint chocolate taste.

Cocoa butter has been used for hundreds of years to make food products like chocolate and candy as well as in skin care.

Cocoa Butter Alternatives


Butter is one of the most versatile substitutes for cocoa butter. Butter works for sunny side up eggs and cakes. It is even great for baking hot chocolate in the winter.

You can substitute butter for cocoa butter in a one-to-one ratio in the same recipe. If you are going to be adding any other flavors to your food, like salt, then it is best to use unsalted butter as the salt will over power the cocoa flavor.

Cacao Butter

Cacao butter is another great substitute for cocoa butter that can be used just like regular butter. Cacao butter has a stronger chocolate flavor than butter. And, it is less expensive to buy.

Coconut Butter

Coconut butter is a little different than the other cocoa butter substitutes that we have mentioned. Coconut butter is made from leftover coconut shavings and does not contain any additives or preservatives unlike coconut oil.

So if you are looking for a pure cocoa butter substitute then coconut butter is a great choice.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is probably the most well-known cocoa butter substitute. It is produced by pressing the flesh of mature coconuts and it has a number of baking benefits. But, it does have a strong coconut flavor that will affect the taste of your food.

If you want to use coconut oil as a cocoa butter substitute just make sure that you get virgin coconut oil. The refined version has had all of its taste removed when they try to remove all the impurities from it.

Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is a great choice to use as a cocoa butter substitute in some recipes. It has a mild taste that most people can’t notice. And it is easy enough to substitute one-to-one with cocoa butter.

White Chocolate

White chocolate is a nice choice for the cocoa butter substitute because it melts in the same way and it has the same texture as regular white chocolate, but without all of that extra sugar and other ingredients.

Cocoa Butter Uses

Cocoa butter can be used in a number of things. So when you are looking for a substitute for cocoa butter you want to think about what you are currently using cocoa butter in.

If you remember from the earlier section, one-to-one is the ideal ratio of cocoa butter substitutes. If your recipe calls for more than one tablespoon then it’s best to start with two tablespoons. And if you do not have a recipe that calls for chocolate, then that is also okay.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, the bottom line for a cocoa butter substitute is that it depends on what you are using it for. So if you are looking for a pure cocoa butter substitute, then coconut butter is best. But if you are using it as a flavorful chocolate, then cacao butter will be just fine. And if you are looking to use it in something like a rich hot chocolate drink then you can even use white chocolate as a cocoa butter substitute.