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Thank you for visiting Treat Dreams! All messages are handled by our team and we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please read our FAQ below, you may find what you are looking for! If you still have questions, please find our contact information below.

Can I submit a recipe for Treat Dreams?

We are always happy to try new recipes and share the best with our readers. If you have an original recipe that you would like to submit please provide a complete ingredient list as well as step by step instructions. With your recipe, please include 2-4 pictures that can be shared if your recipe is selected to be shared.

Not all recipes can be shared, but we sincerely appreciate every submission.

Why Do You Use [Specific Ingredient] in a Recipe?

On Treat Dreams we share recipes for all types of tastes and skill levels. That means that we may include an ingredient that you do not like using in your own baking. That’s completely fine, not every recipe is for everyone. We also include many guides for substitutions to help those find a way to make a recipe without using a particular ingredient.

Why Didn’t My Recipe Turn Out the Way I Expected?

The first thing to check when any recipe doesn’t turn out the way you hoped is to check that you used the proper ingredients and measurements. Following a recipe is quite important when baking as subtle changes can cause significant differences in the final flavor or texture of your dish.

This includes substituting ingredients. It’s important to remember that while a substitution can allow you to make a recipe, it doesn’t always achieve the same results the original version would have.

And as the old saying goes “there’s no accounting for taste”. Simply put, some recipes just may not be your cup of tea. And that’s completely fine. If you do find an error or have a suggestion for an improvement for a particular recipe, please drop us a message and let us know.

Are You Hiring?

We do not have any opening currently, as we are a small team here at Treat Dreams. Check back because we will post any open positions as they come up.

Can I Write for Treat Dreams?

We are not taking any writers on, but if you have an original recipe you would like to submit for consideration, view the requirements above.

Can I Advertise on Treat Dreams?

Treat Dreams has a large readership, so we get requests for advertising almost every day. We are always happy to discuss partnership ideas.

But we take a reader first approach. Any partnerships must be beneficial to our visitors, so message us and let us know how a partnership would help Treat Dreams readers.

How Do I Contact You?

Thank you for visiting Treat Dreams. This site is run by me, Liv, and I handle all questions and correspondence (with help from Fred and Robin).

You can get an email to me by using the email below. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day!

livcampbell290 @ gmail. com