CRUXGG TRNR Double Rotating Waffle Maker Review (Read Before You Buy)

CRUXGG TRNR Double Rotating Waffle Maker

The CRUXGG TRNR is a waffle maker with a conscious. It was designed by real world chefs with the goal of quickly making delicious waffles while providing a percentage of proceeds to fighting racism. It’s a lofty goal, so if you are considering investing in this rotating waffle maker, read on to find out if it is the machine for you.

We purchased ours from William Sonoma, and at the time of writing it is exclusively offered through them.


This waffle maker offers a black triple coat matte finish. It is capable of making two waffles at a time that are 1″ thick and 7″ in diameter.

Manufacturer claims of making up to eight waffles in ten minutes, which it did in our tests.

The rotation allows for consistent and even cooking and no oil is needed for the cooking surface.

If is dishwasher safe and offers a lit display panel with on and off buttons as well as six different settings.

It features a done cooking light and it is small enough to be stored away in a cupboard when no in use.

Who Is It For

The CRUXGG TRNR is great for waffle lovers with a passion for justice. This machine cooks waffles quickly and evenly; it’s a treat for the senses. It is ideal for any kitchen, including small ones with limited counter space.

It is also great for those who want to cook their waffles quickly as it has a double waffle capacity.

What We Love About It

We love how it cooks waffles quickly and evenly. It’s great for a quick midnight snack or for an after-dinner treat, not just those delicious breakfast waffles. It is also easy to use with one control which is ideal for a busy home cook.

What Could Be Improved

The only issue we had with the unit was that it’s heavier than expected, making it a little difficult to move around the kitchen. It’s still lighter than many other models on the market but we did expect lighter as it is advertised as a lightweight waffle maker.

How Well Does It Make Waffles?

The CRUXGG TRNR did a great job making our waffles. They were crispy and fluffy on the outside, but not too oily because of the rotation. The inside was soft and evenly cooked, which means everything cooked in a few minutes.

There were literally no issues in operation, it worked great from the first waffle we made to the last.

Even when cooking just waffle at a time it worked flawlessly. Performance was top notch.

Does It Look Good In The Kitchen

The design and color scheme is clean and it works well in most any modern kitchen. It doesn’t stand out too much in the kitchen but it looks like a great appliance that is easy to use.

We would not hesitate to have this waffle maker on full display.

Is It Worth The Money

We conclude that it is well worth the cost for those looking for a high quality waffle maker that offers a clean design and consistent performance. The price is on the medium/high end of the home waffle maker market, but you definitely get what you pay for with the CRUXGG TRNR Double Rotating Waffle Maker.

Bottom Line

We recommend this unit for any home chef seeking a high quality rotating waffle maker. It offers consistent performance and is easy to use. If you want to make flipping waffles a thing of the past, try out this great machine.

For those passionate about fighting racism while you eat your delicious waffles, it’s hard to beat the CRUXGG TRNR Double Rotating Waffle Maker.

Written by Liv

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