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Currant Jelly Substitutes (How To Use Them)

Currant Jelly Substitutes (How To Use Them)

Red currant jelly is a popular finishing glaze used in all types of desserts from tarts to cake and so much more.

And if you are all out of currant jelly there is no need to worry. There are multiple excellent substitutes for red currant jelly you can use no matter what recipe you are making.

Red currant jelly provides a wonderful tart and sweet flavor that is well worth finding, but if you need a replacement use any of the following ingredients to create a wonderful dessert.

So what are the best substitutes for currant jelly?

The top red currant jelly substitutes are strawberry jam, raspberry jam, blackberry jam, and cranberry relish.

The key to using a currant jelly alternative is pairing it’s flavor with the other ingredients in your dish. The great thing about these substitutes is that their flavor goes wonderfully with any recipe that calls for currant jelly.

Red Currant Jelly Alternatives

jar of red currant jelly

Whether you are topping a batch of holiday tarts or spreading it on sweet baked goods, red currant jelly is a delicious finisher that offers an amazing tart and sweet flavor combination.

When you cannot find any at the store or are just looking for an alternative, any of the following substitutes will work perfectly.

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Strawberry Jam

jar of strawberry jam

This popular jam is quite sweet and offers an excellent flavor alternative to red currant jelly. While it does not provide the tartness of currants, it pairs incredibly well in all types of recipes that call for currant jelly.

Strawberry jam is also quite affordable and you might already have some in your fridge. Put it all together and you have the most popular substitute for red currant jelly.


1 tbs. strawberry jam equals 1 tbs. currant jelly

Raspberry Jam

raspberry jam in glass jar

Almost as popular as strawberry jam, raspberry jam is another exceptional currant jelly substitute. It offers sweetness and just a bit of tart that works well in all types of recipes.

Top your tarts or spread on some sweet breads for a wonderful treat your friends and family will adore.


1 tbs. raspberry jam equals 1 tbs. currant jelly

Blackberry Jam

blackberry jam in small jar

While not as popular as strawberry or raspberry jam, blackberry jam is one of my personal favorite red currant jelly alternatives. It provides a sweet and delicious flavor that works amazingly well in any recipe that uses red currant jelly.

Spread it on muffins, sweet breads, tarts, cake and any dessert. If you have homemade available go with that but any type of blackberry jam will be a good choice.


1 tbs. blackberry jam equals 1 tbs. currant jelly

Cranberry Relish

bowl of homemade cranberry relish

If you need a red currant jelly alternative for topping tarts or spreading on baked goods cranberry relish is a tasty and festive option.

With a perfect balance of tart and sweet, cranberry relish has a flavor quite similar to currant jelly. You can find cranberry relish at most grocery stores or make your own for a truly amazing dessert topper.

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Currant Jelly Replacement FAQ

red currant jelly in jar with spoon

Can cranberry replace red currant jelly?

Yes, cranberry can be used instead of red currant jelly. Cranberry jelly is an excellent substitute for currant jelly, but you can also use cranberry jelly or homemade cranberry sauce.

Is red currant jelly the same as jam?

Red currant jelly is glossy and smooth in texture while traditional jams contain fruit seeds and some flesh of the fruit being used.

Why is red currant jelly hard to find?

Red currant jelly is not carried in all local grocery stores but it is frequently stocked in specialty grocery stores as well as being offered by numerous online retailers.

If you are unable to locate any red currant jelly you can use any of the substitutes listed above as they are all carried at most grocery stores.