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Does Almond Bark Expire

Does Almond Bark Expire

Once the holiday season rolls around I get asked numerous times whether almond bark expires, so I decided to thoroughly cover the topic and expel the uncertainty about whether your almond bark is good or not.

So, does almond bark expire?

Yes, but the answer isn’t as simple as checking your expiration date. Almond bark has a very low moisture level and by being comprised of chocolate, it has a long shelf life. In fact, the shelf life of almond bark is significantly longer than the expiration date if kept at an even temperature.

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How Long Does Almond Bark Last?

almond bark

Stored in an airtight container, in a dry place, almond bark can last over a year. That means you very well may be able to use your almond bark past the expiration date.

In fact, I have used almond bark that was over two years old with no issues. If your almond bark was not stored properly you may have trouble getting it to set properly, so you must make sure to store your almond bark correctly.

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How long does molded almond bark last?

Ok, so what if you’ve already molded your almond bark, how long does it last?

Molded almond bark can be safely stored at room temperature for up to two weeks. Make sure it is kept in a dry space out of direct sunlight.

It may even last up to one month, but I’ve found two weeks or less to be the sweet spot when storing molded almond bark.

You can also store molded almond bark in the freezer. Place it in an airtight container and it will stay good for up to two months.

Can you store almond bark in the freezer?

Yes, both molded and unmolded almond bark can be stored in the freezer safely. While there is some controversy over storing almond bark in the freezer, the concerns are largely unfounded.

When properly stored in a freezer safe, airtight container, there is no reason not to store your almond bark in the freezer.

This is particularly helpful when making decorative pieces for large events where a lot of almond bark is needed.

You can mold your almond bark up to two months in advance and that is a huge time saver.

How to tell when almond bark has gone bad

It is possible for your almond bark to expire and go bad. But how do you know when it has gone bad?

While some bloom and color change does not mean your almond bark is unsafe to eat, once the entire piece of almond bark is gray in color, it will no longer offer the same level of flavor.

It likely will still be good to eat, but when your almond bark has a bloom and has completely changed in color, it is likely no longer safe to use.