Double Cream Substitutes (And How To Use Them)

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Are you making a recipe that calls for double cream but cannot find any at the store? No need to worry, there are a few substitutes for double cream you can use no matter what you are making, and you will find each of them right here.

Double cream is a versatile ingredient that can be found in desserts as a whipped topping or filling as well as in savory dinner recipes.

Unfortunately, double cream is not available in all areas and an alternative will be needed.

So what are the best substitutes for double cream?

The top double cream substitutes are heavy cream, light cream with butter, mascarpone cheese, and crème fraiche.

Read on for what type of recipe each of these substitutes is best for as well as how to use them.

Double Cream Alternatives

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Double cream has a high fat content. While standard heavy whipping cream has a butterfat content of around 35%, double cream boasts a butterfat content of around 42%.

That extra fat content allows double cream to create rich and creamy whipped cream that can be used in all types of desserts. But it is also popular for creating rich and creamy bases for many dinner recipes.

Make sure to read on for how to best use each double cream replacement.

Heavy Cream

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The best overall substitute for double cream is heavy whipping cream. With a fat content close to that of double cream, heavy cream can be used in any recipe that calls for double cream.

You can whip heavy cream and top or pipe onto desserts or use it as a creamy base for savory dishes.

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1 cup heavy cream equals 1 cup double cream

Light Cream and Butter

whipped cream with light cream and butter

If you already have light cream on hand, you can make an excellent double cream replacement by increasing the fat content with butter.

Light cream’s fat content ranges from 18% to 30% so increasing the fat content is necessary to achieve results similar to double cream.

For light cream that contains 18-25% fat, use equal parts light cream and butter and mix together with a mixer or hand whisk until it is rich and creamy.

For light cream with a fat content above 25%, use two parts light cream and one part butter and mix until creamy.

For more methods of using light cream instead of double cream read our article on how to whip light cream.


1 cup of whipped light cream and butter equals 1 cup of double cream


bowl and spoon of mascarpone

If you are making a recipe that uses double cream as a spread or topping, mascarpone cheese is a great alternative.

This rich and buttery cheese provides a wonderful flavor that will elevate the flavor of any recipe that calls for spreading double cream.

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1 tablespoon mascarpone equals 1 tablespoon of double cream

Crème Fraiche

Crème Fraiche in cup

Similar to mascarpone, crème fraiche is a spreadable replacement for double cream. It is available at most grocery stores and provides a rich and creamy flavor.

While not a good option as a base for savory dishes, crème fraiche is a wonderful option for spreading on scones, cupcakes, and other sweet desserts.

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1 tablespoon of crème fraiche equals 1 tablespoon of double cream.

Double Cream Replacement FAQ

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What is the best substitute for double cream in sauces?

The best double cream alternative when making sauce is heavy cream, crème fraiche, or light cream with butter. Read above for how to use each of these ingredients.

What is a good substitute for double cream in desserts?

When making a frosting, topping, or dessert filling, use heavy cream or light cream with butter. If you are making a recipe that calls for spreading double cream, you can also use mascarpone or crème fraiche.

What is double cream the same as?

Heavy cream is similar to double cream. The primary difference between the two is that double cream has a slightly higher butterfat content.

While heavy cream’s fat content is around 35%, double cream offers a fat content around 42%.

Can I use normal cream instead of double cream?

Yes, you can use either heavy cream or light cream in place of double cream in most recipes.

Heavy cream can be used at a 1:1 ratio while light cream will need the fat content increased by mixing it with butter.

Can I use creme fraiche instead of double cream?

Yes, crème fraiche can be used in many recipes that calls for double cream. Though, it is best suited in recipes that use double cream as a topping or spread.

Can I use thickened cream instead of double cream?

Yes, thickened light or heavy cream can be used instead of double cream. In fact, thickened cream is very similar to double cream.

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