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Edam vs Gouda (Everything You Need To Know)

Edam vs Gouda (Everything You Need To Know)

Both Edam and Gouda are melting cheeses that are often used in place of each other. In this article you will learn all the differences and similarities between these two popular cheeses as well as their uses.

So whether you are deciding what to serve with wine, to use as an appetizer, or which of these cheese to use in a recipe, you will find all the answers below.

Gouda and Edam Cheese Similarities, Differences, and Uses

edam cheese with wax coating
Edam Cheese

Gouda cheese is a melting cheese produced near the town of Gouda which is near Amsterdam. And Edam is a melting cheese produced in North Amsterdam.

These two cheeses have a lot in common, but there are distinct differences between the two you want to be aware of.

Gouda vs Edam Nutritional Information

gouda cheese with wax coating on cutting board
Gouda Cheese

Gouda cheese has a fat content of around 48 percent while Edam’s fat content comes in around 40 percent.

Gouda is slightly higher in calories per serving than Edam, and lower in protein.

Edam and Gouda Texture and Flavor

gouda cheese sliced on serving tray

Both edam and gouda cheese are sweet, curd cheeses that offer a similar flavor.

Gouda offers a creamy texture reminiscent of butter and it melts well. When heat is applied, gouda will not brown easily.

Edam offers a texture that is more crumbly and while it does melt, it retains a stiffer texture when melted than gouda.

Gouda is often produced with spices added for flavor while edam is generally produced without added spice or flavoring.

Gouda and Edam Uses

cheese and wine and grapes

Gouda is a versatile cheese that offers numerous culinary uses. It crumbles, melts, and shreds easily making it a popular cheese for soups, sauces and any other melting recipes.

Edam is an excellent cheese for melting and slicing. It is popularly used on sandwiches and in soups and sauces.

Both cheese are often served with wine as well. Gouda is often paired with Pinot Gris while Edam pairs well with Riesling or Syrah.

Because both gouda and edam are excellent melting cheeses, they both can be used for breakfast, dinner, or dessert cheeses.

Edam or Gouda FAQ

gouda cheese slice on table with bread and apples

Which is better gouda or Edam?

This depends on what you are making and your own taste preferences. Edam is drier and has a slightly tangier flavor than gouda. It also slices better while gouda crumbles. Edam will brown more when heat is applied. So which of these two cheeses is better largely depends on your intended use.

Are Edam and gouda the same?

No, edam and gouda cheese are two distinctly different cheeses. While they do have much in common, such as being sweet curd cheeses that melt and have similar culinary uses, they also have numerous differences.

Can edam cheese be substituted for gouda?

Yes, in most recipes, edam can be used instead of gouda cheese. Edam works well for making soup, sauces, on sandwiches, and in breakfast, dinner and dessert recipes that call for gouda.

Can gouda be substitutes for edam cheese?

Yes, gouda is a good substitute for edam in many recipes. Gouda can be used in sauces, soups, breakfast, dinner, and dessert recipes that call for edam cheese.