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Flavors That Go With Butterscotch

Flavors That Go With Butterscotch

Butterscotch is a great dessert and treat flavor. I love making butterscotch desserts for my family and it goes so well with many different flavors. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out our list for the best flavors that go with butterscotch.

Best Butterscotch Flavor Combinations

jar of butterscotch and butterscotch cupcakes

Butterscotch, also known as butterscotch sauce or hard butterscotch, is a confectionery made from brown sugar, butter, and sometimes corn syrup.

The name refers to the buttery taste of the sauce and its Scottish origins. Butterscotch sauce has been around since the medieval times.

The first British recipe for butterscotch appeared in 1620 in a cookbook dedicated to King James I. And no matter what butterscotch based treat you want to make, there are some great flavor combos you can use. Read on for the full list.

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Pistachio and butterscotch cupcakes

Pistachio and butterscotch is one of my favorite flavor combinations. Butterscotch has a similar taste to caramel and with pistachios, it gives it a nice nutty flavor. The two flavors complement each other very well!

Peanut Butter

jar of natural peanut butter on table

Similar to pistachios, peanut butter also goes well with butterscotch. Peanut butter and butterscotch offers a unique flavor. You can add peanut butter to your next butterscotch recipe and you’ll be in for a treat!

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bunch of ripe bananas on wood table

Banana and butterscotch is such an odd combination that it actually works really well. The banana flavor gives the dessert a fruity flavor and butterscotch offers a bit of sweetness. The two flavors complement each other so well!

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Caramel Coffee

caramel coffee with butterscotch and cream

Caramel coffee is actually one of my favorite coffee drinks. The butterscotch caramel flavor combines very well with the coffee. If you haven’t tried this combination, be sure to give it a try!


cupcakes decorated with vanilla frosting

Vanilla and butterscotch is also nice. The two flavors compliment each other very well! Whether a vanilla frosting or vanilla cake, you can’t go wrong adding some butterscotch.

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scoop of shredded coconut

Coconut and butterscotch is a match made in heaven! The coconut adds a nice touch of flavor to the butterscotch. This combination will always be one of my favorites.

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Pecan Pie

piece of pecan butterscotch pie

This flavor combination may sound odd but it is one of the best! Stick to a more traditional pecan pie recipe so that the flavors blend nicely. My mouth is watering just thinking about this. It is hard to go wrong with butterscotch and pecan pie!

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Vanilla Ice Cream

banana split in glass bowl

This is one flavor combination that everyone should try at least once! This ice cream combo is to die for! Make sure you pair it with some of our delicious ice cream recipes.


Toffee and butterscotch pudding

Toffee and butterscotch go together nicely. This flavor combination is another one that will have you wanting more!


Amaretto and butterscotch cake

Amaretto goes well with butterscotch. The almond flavor gives the butterscotch a slightly different taste that your family and friends will enjoy. If you are looking for a different dessert treat, be sure to add amaretto!


We hope that you will be able to use the information we shared with you on flavors that go with butterscotch. Thank you for reading!