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Fleur de sel Substitutions (How To Use Them)

Fleur de sel Substitutions (How To Use Them)

Are you making a recipe that calls for finishing with some Fleur de sel but you’re all out? No need to worry, there are a number of substitutes you can use instead no matter what you are making.

Fleur de sel is a wonderful finishing salt used to sprinkle on everything from wonderful desserts to savory meals like fish, meat and vegetables.

Fleur de sel provides a wonderful flavor that compliments many delicious dishes, so when looking for a replacement you want a salt that provides a similar flavor and presentation.

So what are the best substitutes for Fleur de sel?

The top Fleur de sel alternatives are kosher salt, maldon salt, Cornish sea salt, Hawaiian pink salt, Sel gris, and Himalayan pink salt.

Make sure to read on to learn how to use each of these alternatives in your recipe.

Fleur de sel Alternatives

top view of three different types of sea salt

Fleur de sel is a great way to add flavor as well as a classic presentation. Whether garnishing a savory main dish or sprinkling on sweet desserts, Fleur de sel packs a wonderful flavor that you don’t want to leave out without using a great replacement.

Even though you don’t have any now, be sure to stock up because Fleur de sel is hard to beat. But first, let’s learn how to use the alternatives so you can get back to cooking!

Kosher Salt

overhead view of bowl of kosher salt

Kosher salt is a popular form of salt that you likely already have on hand. And it is an excellent substitute for Fleur de sel that can be used in any recipe.

Kosher salt provides an almost identical flavor, and a presentation that is good enough to go unnoticed by most.

Kosher salt can be used to sprinkle on desserts or garnish a savory dinner.

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1 teaspoon of kosher salt equals 1 teaspoon of Fleur de sel

Maldon Salt

maldon salt on spoon and table

Maldon salt is another popular type of salt that can be used instead of Fleur de sel in any recipe. With a less salty flavor, and more subtle overall, maldon salt will not overpower your dish.

Maldon salt is a traditional sea salt ideal for finishing. Because the flavor is milder than Fleur de sel, adjust amount used according to taste.

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1 teaspoon of maldon salt equals 1 teaspoon of Fleur de sel

Cornish Sea Salt

top view of measuring spoon of Cornish sea salt

A traditional salt for garnishing fish, Cornish sea salt is a great substitute for Fleur de sel. In fact, it also works well when sprinkled on sweet desserts.

Cornish sea salt has a white color and stronger flavor than Fleur de sel. It’s best to start with less than your recipe calls for and add more according to taste.


3/4 teaspoon of Cornish sea salt equals 1 teaspoon of Fleur de sel

Hawaiian Pink Salt

Hawaiian Pink Salt in bowl viewed from above

Hawaiian pink salt has a wonderful color that makes it a great garnish and finishing salt. On top of that, the flavor is quite similar to Fleur de sel making it a great all around substitute.

It’s not always available in local stores, but it can be found stocked from numerous online retailers.


1 teaspoon of Hawaiian pink salt equals 1 teaspoon of Fleur de sel

Sel gris

Sel gris on table and in spoons

Okay, so not everyone has Sel gris available, but if you do it’s a great Fleur de sel substitute that can be used in any type of recipe.

It has a grey color and wonderful flavor making it equally well suited as a garnish for meats and fish or for finishing a dessert.


1 teaspoon of Sel gris equals 1 teaspoon of Fleur de sel

Himalayan Pink Salt

top view of pink Himalayan salt in bowl

One of my favorite Fleur de sel substitutes (and finishing salts) is Himalayan pink salt. And it has grown in popularity in recent years so you may already have some on hand.

Himalayan salt comes in different grain sizes, but I prefer flakes for sprinkling on desserts. But no matter what type you choose, Himalayan pink salt can be used in any recipe that calls for Fleur de sel.


1 teaspoon of Himalayan salt equals 1 teaspoon of Fleur de sel

Fleur de sel Replacement FAQ

wood scoop of coarse sea salt

Is sea salt the same as fleur de sel?

Fleur de sel is a unique form of sea salt. Fleur de sel is harvested by hand from the top layer of sea marshes. Most other sea salts are harvested by collecting sea water and dissolving the liquid, leaving behind the sea salt.

Is Fleur de sel the same as Maldon sea salt?

No, Fleur de sel and maldon salt are two distinct types of salt. Fleur de sel is higher in moisture content and has a brighter flavor. Maldon salt has a more subtle, less “salty” flavor than Fleur de sel.

Is Fleur de sel the same as Celtic salt?

No, Fleur de sel and Celtic sea salt are two different types of sea salt. Fleur de sel has a brighter flavor while Celtic sea salt has a “saltier” flavor. Both salts are excellent for finishing dishes.