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Best Fromage Blanc Substitutes (And How To Use Them)

Best Fromage Blanc Substitutes (And How To Use Them)

Are you all out of Fromage blanc but need it for a recipe? No need to worry, you may not even need to make a run to the store! There are multiple great substitutes you can use in place of Fromage blanc no matter what you are making.

Fromage blanc is a French dessert cheese produced from cow’s milk. It is soft and is about as thick as sour cream. It can be found in both fat free and fat varieties.

Fromage blanc is used to make breakfast recipes like quiche, smoothies, and parfaits. It’s also a popular ingredient in dips and salad dressing, but it is probably most known as a base for soufles, cheesecake and mousse recipes.

So what are the best substitutes for Fromage blanc?

The top Fromage blanc substitutes are Greek yogurt, quark cheese, queso fresco, ricotta cheese, cream cheese, and sour cream.

Read on for more on each alternative and how to best use them in your recipe.

Fromage Blanc Alternatives

Are you making a breakfast smoothie or quiche? How about a Fromage blanc dip or salad dressing? Creating a rich cheesecake or mousse? No matter why you need Fromage blanc you will find a replacement you can use.

Fromage blanc is not always easy to find, it is usually stocked at specialty stores. So if you need a substitute we will cover easy to find alternatives that work well in recipes that call for Fromage blanc.

Greek Yogurt

bowl of Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is easy to find, and may already be in your refrigerator. It is a great substitute for Fromage blanc and can be used in most recipes that call for Fromage blanc.

You can use whipped or regular Greek yogurt. It is less thick than Fromage blanc so you may need to increase the amount of yogurt used.

Yogurt works well in quiche, smoothies, parfaits, cheesecake, mousse and more.


1.5 cups of Greek yogurt equal 1 cup of Fromage blanc

Quark Cheese

quark cheese and veggies

Quark cheese works well in both savory and sweet recipes. It’s thickness falls between Fromage blanc and yogurt and it offers a wonderful flavor that works in all recipes that call for Fromage blanc.

Quark is particularly well suited for cheesecake, quiche, and even ice cream. Quark can be tricky to find in some regions but if it is available at your local grocery store then this is an excellent Fromage blanc replacement.

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1 cup of quark equals 1 cup of Fromage blanc

Queso Fresco

queso fresco cheese

This mild, soft cheese offers a tangy flavor that works wonderfully in all types of recipes. The texture is grainier than Fromage blanc though so that should be kept in mind when using it as an alternative cheese.

Queso is not ideal for smoothies or parfaits, but it works well in breakfast dishes that call for Fromage blanc.


1 cup queso fresco equals 1 cup Fromage blanc

Ricotta Cheese

wheel of ricotta cheese

If you are looking for a rich a creamy Fromage blanc substitute with a mild flavor, ricotta is an exceptional option.

This cheese is common and readily available at most grocery stores. While it is most commonly used in pasta dishes, ricotta works well in savory dishes that call for Fromage blanc.

You can increase the creaminess by adding some yogurt with your ricotta or use as is.


1 cup of ricotta cheese equals 1 cup Fromage blanc

Cream Cheese

glass bowl of cream cheese and herbs

This mildly tangy cheese is creamy and perfect for any recipe that calls for Fromage blanc. It is no secret that cream cheese works great for cheesecake, but it also works in quiche as well.

Cream cheese is a popular substitute for Fromage blanc due to it’s versatility and for being easy to find at most grocery stores.


1 cup of cream cheese equals 1 cup of Fromage blanc

Sour Cream

wooden bowl and spoon with sour cream

Sour cream may not be the first thing you think of when substituting for cheese, but sour cream works in a pinch. Sour cream is not as thick as Fromage blanc so if you need a thick finished dish then you may need a different alternative.

But if that is not an issue, sour cream offers a great base for all types of recipes. The mild, tangy flavor works in many dishes and it is likely already in your fridge.


1 cup of sour cream equals 1 cup of Fromage blanc

Fromage Blanc Replacement FAQ

Is Fromage blanc the same as cream cheese?

Froamage blanc and cream cheese are not the same. Fromage blanc is a cow’s milk cheese while cream cheese is made from cow’s milk and cream.

Cream cheese and Fromage blanc can be used in many of the same recipes though.

Is creme fraiche a substitute for Fromage blanc?

Yes, creme fraiche can be used in place of Fromage blanc in most recipes. Creme fraiche works best as a substitute for Fromage blanc in dessert recipes, but it can be used in quiche as well.

Is fromage blanc the same as fromage frais?

No, Fromage blanc does not have live cultures while fromage frais must contain live cultures.