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Ganache Vs Mousse

Ganache Vs Mousse

In this article you will find out the differences and similarities between ganache and mousse. These two delicious sweets both offer great flavor and dessert uses. Read on for the complete rundown on mousse and ganache.

What Is Ganache

Traditional ganache is a combination of chocolate and heavy cream. Though many other flavors can be added including coffee, tea, fruit, and more.

You can also make versions of ganache without heavy cream and even those that use cocoa powder instead of chocolate.

Ganache is used as a frosting, filling, and even a dessert sauce. It offers a rich, delicious flavor that is perfect for cakes, cupcakes, donuts, truffles, and for dipping fruit.

Ganache is easy to make and it can be made thin or thick depending on your needs. A thicker ganache will have a higher ratio of chocolate to heavy cream while a thinner ganache will have a higher heavy cream content.

What Is Mousse

Mousse is a whipped dish that can be either sweet or savory. The most commonly used mousse is of the sweet variety. They are almost always served cold and they are made using whipped cream and beaten egg whites (occasionally gelatin is used as a stiffener).

Mousse is also paired with an additional flavor, most commonly chocolate. While savory mousse may be flavored using fish, chicken, shellfish and even foie gras.

Savory mousse dishes are often used as an entree or appetizer while a sweet mousse is a popular dessert.

Another popular style of mousse is a fruit or custard mousse. The key to all these types of mousse are they are whipped until they offer a stiff yet fluffy consistency.

Which Is Better

While neither mousse or ganache is technically better, it all comes down to taste and what type of dish you are going to make.

While ganache is very versatile, it can be used as a frosting, filling, or dipping sauce, mousse is generally served as is as a standalone dish.

Both are well known for being a chocolaty treat but both can also be flavored in a number of different ways.

Bottom Line

Mousse and ganache are both excellent options for chocolaty desserts but it really comes down to personal preference. Mousse tends to offer a sturdier, lighter texture while ganache is a bit richer, thicker and creamier.