Best Gruyere Cheese Substitutes (And How To Use Them)

gruyere cheese substitutes

Are you making a recipe that calls for Gruyere cheese but you’re all out? No need to worry, there are multiple substitutes you can use no matter what you’re making!

And you will find the best gruyere cheese substitutes right here, and how to use them.

Gruyere cheese originated in Switzerland and is popular for uses in all types of recipes. So whether you need an alternative for dessert, a casserole, fondue or anything else, you will find what you need below.

So what are the best substitutes for gruyere cheese?

The top gruyere cheese substitutes are Jarlsberg, Emmental, Comte, Raclette, Beaufort, and Fontina.

Gruyère Cheese Alternatives

sliced gruyere cheese

Gruyere offers a delicious flavor and texture perfect for melting. It is used in all types of recipes and has grown in popularity in recent years.

But it can be difficult to find in some areas and is often quite expensive. So if you are looking for a delicious melting cheese you can substitute for Gruyere (or one to add to your charcuterie board) you will find all the best alternatives right here.

Jarlsberg Cheese

Jarlsberg cheese

Like gruyere, Jarlsberg cheese has holes and is a semi-soft cheese perfect for use in all types of recipes.

It offers a delicious flavor with notes of sweet with a tasty nuttiness. It also offers a wonderful texture that makes it an exceptional all around substitute for gruyere.

This cheese is quite popular in the US and can be found in most areas. It also tends to be slightly more affordable than gruyere (though this will depend on your particular area as prices to fluctuate).

Jarlsberg works equally well served at room temperature as melted so it can be used in any recipe or dish that calls for gruyere.


1 cup Jarlsberg equals 1 cup gruyere

Emmental Cheese

Emmental Cheese slice

Also known as Emmenthal cheese, this robust flavored cheese is an ideal substitute for gruyere in hot dishes and fondue.

Emmental is a cows milk cheese that has been aged for at least two months. The longer it has aged the more intense the flavor will be.

It offers notes of nut and fruit making it an interesting flavor that goes well in many recipes that call for gruyere.

While it is particularly well suited for hot recipes, Emmenthal can be used in cold dishes such as sandwiches or charcuterie boards too.


1 cup of Emmantal equals 1 cup gruyere

Comte Cheese

Comte Cheese wedge

Harder to come by and expensive, Comte cheese is non the less an exceptional substitute for gruyere.

This cheese is only produced in the French region of Comté and is called Gruyère de Comté in France and many other parts of the world.

This cheese is semi-hard offers a truly wonderful flavor and texture making it an excellent choice if you can locate it.

It is aged for up to two years and the longer it is aged the deeper the flavor is. You will find notes of nut and sweet with this cheese and a wide range of flavors depending on age.

This is a great fondue cheese, but can be used in any recipe that calls for gruyere.


1 cup of Comte cheese equals 1 cup of gruyere

Raclette Cheese

Raclette Cheese on board

Raclette can be used to replace gruyere in all types of recipes. This Swiss cheese is semi-hard and produced from cow’s milk.

It is aged from three to six months and offers a variety of flavors. You can find raclette cheese with flavor notes including nuts, milk, fruit and spice. This delicious cheese is perfect for melting making it an excellent gruyere sub in baked or heated dishes.

Raclette is a popular cheese to top pizza, burgers, or to make fondue with. You can also serve it cold on sandwiches making this a versatile gruyere alternative.


1 cup of raclette equals 1 cup gruyere


Beaufort cheese on plate

Another French cheese, Beaufort is a great gruyere substitute. Produced only in the French Alps, this cheese can be pricy and is not available in all areas. But if you can find it, it’s an exceptional gruyere replacement.

Beaufort is a semi-hard cheese that has been aged up to one year. It offers a lighter flavor than other options on this list and is an excellent melting cheese.

Use Beaufort cheese on cold and hot dishes. It is a great melter too, so it’s a great fondue cheese.


1 cup Beaufort equals 1 cup gruyere

Fontina Cheese

Fontina cheese

This semi-soft cow’s milk cheese is produced in Italy. It is an excellent sub for gruyere in all types of recipes.

Fontina is a good melting cheese and can be used in all types of cooked or baked recipes. It also can be served cold or added to sandwiches.

Fontina offers a sharp flavor with earthy hints of nuttiness and a buttery flavor.


1 cup of Fontina equals 1 cup gruyere

Gruyere Cheese Replacement FAQ

gruyere cheese on board

What is the best substitute for Gruyere cheese?

Any of the cheeses on our list will work as a substitute for gruyere. Which is the best depends on what you are making and what flavor you desire. Be sure to read our descriptions above to see which is the best gruyere substitute for your recipe.

Can you use cheddar cheese instead gruyere?

No. Cheddar is not a good substitute for gruyere as it is not a good melting cheese and it’s flavor is not similar.

Cheddar is easier to find and less expensive so it can be used in place of gruyere in cold dishes, but it will not offer the same complex flavor as gruyere.

Can mozzarella be used in place of gruyere cheese?

Mozzarella is a melting cheese, so it can be used instead of gruyere in baked recipes. But it does not offer a similar flavor to gruyere.

If you used mozzarella instead of gruyere, your recipes final flavor will be effected. A better option for subbing is Jarlsberg cheese. It offers a more similar flavor to gruyere while still being a good melting cheese.

What can be substituted for gruyere in quiche?

The best substitute for gruyere in quiche are Raclette, Emmenthal, and Jarlsberg cheese. These melting cheeses offer an excellent flavor similar to gruyere that works perfectly in quiche recipes.

If you are looking for a stronger flavored cheese to replace gruyere, use Jarlsberg cheese.

For a milder flavored substitute go with Raclette or Emmenthal cheese.

What is a good substitute for gruyere in macaroni and cheese?

If you are making mac and cheese that calls for gruyere, the best substitute is Emmenthal cheese. This delicious melting cheese offers a flavor quite similar to gruyere and it will offer an excellent texture to your final dish.

You can also use raclette, Beaufort, or Jarlsberg when making mac and cheese. Avoid using cheddar as it is not a good melting cheese.

Is Gouda a good substitute for Gruyere?

Yes, gouda is a good substitute for gruyere cheese. Gouda is a good melting cheese and can be served hot or cold.

Gouda can be used in place of gruyere in all types of recipes.

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Can I substitute Parmesan for Gruyere?

Parmesan cheese can be used instead of Gruyere in heated dishes. It does not offer a similar flavor, so your final dish will have a different flavor than if you used Raclette, Jarlsberg, or Comte.

Can I substitute Swiss cheese for Gruyere cheese?

Yes, Swiss cheese can be used as a gruyere substitute. There are numerous cheeses referred to as Swiss, but common grocery store Swiss cheese can be used instead of gruyere in a pinch.

It melts well and offers a flavor that compliments most recipes that call for gruyere.

What is a cheaper substitute for Gruyere cheese?

The most affordable substitute for gruyere is Jarlsberg cheese. While most of the top substitutes for gruyere are more expensive than common cheeses, Jarlsberg is the most affordable.

What is a good substitute for gruyere cheese in French onion soup?

The most commonly used substitute for gruyere cheese in French onion soup is mozzarella. This is a good melting cheese with a flavor ideal for French onion soup.

You can also use Raclette or Jarlsberg cheese instead of gruyere.

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