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Best Hazelnut Substitutes (How To Use Them)

Best Hazelnut Substitutes (How To Use Them)

My family absolutely adores hazelnut desserts and beverages (I admit it’s not my favorite flavor) and I’ve had a number of times where I ran out at the worst possible time. Like when I was in the middle of making one of their favorite hazelnut treats!

Well, if you’re out of hazelnut there is nothing to worry about. There are a number of great alternatives and replacements perfect for any recipe that calls for hazelnut.

What are the best hazelnut substitutes?

The best substitutes for hazelnut are macadamia nuts, almonds, cashews, Nutella, and hazelnut extract.

For a texture replacement for hazelnut, any seed or nut will do great.

For more about each hazelnut replacement and how to use them in your recipe read on below.

What Are Hazelnuts and What Are They Used For?

Hazelnut is the seed of the hazel tree. The nuts are harvested from a hazel grove in autumn. The nuts are used as a flavor in many different types of desserts and beverages.

As a matter of fact, hazelnuts are often ground into a coffee-like powder and used to make the popular Nutella spread. You can use hazelnut as a coffee flavor, in cakes, breads, muffins, cookies and so much more.

Hazelnut Replacements

Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are a high-fat nut that is grown mostly in Australia. It is a flavoring used in many desserts, and as a topping for ice cream, cookies, cakes and more. It’s flavor and texture makes it the perfect hazelnut substitute.


Almonds are another delicious flavor that can be used to replace hazelnut in your dessert recipes. Like macadamia nuts, almonds are an excellent stand in for hazelnuts crunch and flavor. They may sometimes also be called cluster or filbert nuts because of where they grow on the tree.

Almonds are very popular because of their unique flavor and taste. There are two main types of almonds: mild and bitter. As with all nuts, the milder type is usually preferable for baking.


Cashews are a popular nut that can be used to substitute hazelnuts in your recipes but it’s not as popular as the other nut substitutes such as macadamia nuts or almonds. That doesn’t mean it won’t work well in your recipe. Cashews provide an excellent flavor and are perfect for desserts.

Hazelnut Extract

Hazelnut extract is a type of flavoring that is made from hazelnuts. It’s mainly used in baking but can also be used as a substitute for real hazelnut in many other desserts and dishes. It is readily available and often is less expensive than the real thing, making it an excellent option for someone who needs to have a hazelnut taste without actually having to use the nuts themselves.


Nutella is a popular hazelnut chocolate spread. It can be used in recipes the same way as real hazelnut with the substitution of another type of nut or seed.

Using Hazelnuts Alternatives in Recipes

When you’re trying to substitute hazelnut in a recipe, you want to make sure that you choose the right ingredients and amounts to give it an authentic taste and texture. There isn’t going to be a one-to-one ratio of hazelnuts to these types of nuts so you will have to adjust your quantities accordingly.

For an even easier option, try a hazelnut flavoring or extract instead of the real thing. It won’t have the same texture and crunch, but the flavor will be just as delicious.

Bottom Line

I hope you found the information in this article helpful. Now that you know the best hazelnut substitutes, you can continue baking yummy desserts and make sure they always have that delicious hazelnut taste and texture.