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How Much Juice From One Orange

How Much Juice From One Orange

If you are making a recipe that calls for the juice of one orange, or just curious how much juice you can get out of an orange here is the full rundown.

So how much juice is in one orange?

While the exact amount depends on the individual orange, the average orange contains 1/4 cup of juice.

Orange Juice Conversion Guide

pile of whole oranges

1/4 of an orange = 1 tablespoon of orange juice

1 full orange = 1/4 cup of juice or 4 tablespoons

2 full oranges = 1/2 cup of juice

3 full oranges = 3/4 cups of juice

4 full oranges = 1 cup of juice

Best Oranges to Use For Juicing

half an orange being juiced by woman

While any orange can be juiced, the top types of oranges for juicing are naval, blood, mandarin, Valencia, and clementine.

The size of these oranges varies but the largest variety of orange is the naval and the smallest are kumquats and mandarin.

How to Juice and Orange

First you should roll the orange on a flat firm surface while applying pressure.

This will break down the fibers within the orange which will allow the juice to be extracted easier.

Next put your orange in warm water for about 15 seconds. Heating an orange before juicing will yield more juice than that of a cold orange.

If using an orange squeezer, cut the orange in half and then use your squeezer. If you are juicing it by hand, first cut your orange into quarters.

Then squeeze each section into container.

How Many Oranges are in a Glass of Orange Juice?

Each orange contains approximately 1/4 a cup of orange juice. So it will take four oranges to make just one cup of orange juice.

So the number of oranges it takes for a glass of orange juice depends on how many ounces your glass can hold!

Do You Need To Peel an Orange Before Juicing?

You do not need to peel your orange before juicing whether doing it by hand or in a juicer.

Orange peels are edible but they are bitter. If you juice an orange peel it is best to use organic oranges that have been thoroughly rinsed off.