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How To Cool Cake Without A Cooling Rack

How To Cool Cake Without A Cooling Rack

Did you bake a cake only to realize you don’t have a cooling rack? No need to fear (or let your cake burn) there are a number of ways you can safely cool a cake without a cake rack.

And in this article you will learn about all the ways you can cool a cake sans cooling rack.

So what are the best cooling rack alternative?

The top cooling rack replacements for cake are stovetop grates, rolled tin foil, metal cookies cutters, and a toaster oven baking rack.

Read on for how to safely use each of these cake cooling methods.

Yes! You Can Cool Your Cake Without a Cooling Rack

Metal cooling racks are incredibly handy and if you do a lot of baking you should definitely invest in a couple. But what do you use if you don’t have one and need to cool a cake?

Luckily there are a number of kitchen tools you can use to cool a cake until you get your own cooling rack.

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It’s important to start cooling your cake as soon as it is done baking to avoid drying it out, or burning it. A cooling rack is designed to allow air to circulate all around your cake for quick cooling.

So when we are looking for a cooling rack alternative, we need something that will also allow air to flow all around your cake so it can cool down quick.

Note: Whenever handling hot pans use oven mitts or pot holders. And when using any of the following cooling rack replacements, use caution to avoid burns.

Stovetop Grates

stovetop grates

The grates on your stovetop are an excellent cooling rack alternative. They are safe for putting a hot cake pan on and they are raised and slotted. This will allow ample air flow to quickly cool down your cake.

If you have not recently used your stove (and it is cool) you can place your cake pan directly on the stovetop grates until cooled completely.

Or you can remove the grates and place them on the counter and then place your cake pan on them to cool.

Rolled Tin Foil

roll of tin foil on green background

If you have tin foil on hand, you can make a great cooling rack replacement. Simply tear off four large squares of tin foil and tightly roll them into roughly square pieces that are about 2″x2″.

Arrange the tin foil squares on your counter or a table so that when your cake pan is placed on top the four corners of your cake pan are supported.

The tin foil will allow air to flow under your cake pan.

Metal Cookie Cutters

metal cookie cutters on table

Do you have metal cookie cutters? They make a great makeshift cooling rack perfect for cooling a cake.

Arrange as many cookie cutters as necessary to safely support your cake pan on a table or countertop and place your cake pan on them to cool.

Note: Only use metal cookie cutters. Plastic cookie cutters may melt from the heat of your cake pan.

Toaster Oven Baking Rack

chocolate cake cooling on baking rack

If you have a toaster oven, the baking rack is a great alternative to a traditional cooling rack. Place your toaster oven baking rack on the stovetop or counter and place your cake pan on it.

Make sure your toaster oven baking rack is big enough to safely support your cake pan before using.

Bottom Line

The key to finding a cooling rack alternative is something that can safely support your cake pan while allowing air to move freely around it.

Any of these options will work just as well as a cooling rack. Just be sure your cake is supported and safely out of reach while it is cooling.