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How To Freeze Pie Crust (Easy Method)

How To Freeze Pie Crust (Easy Method)

Every year it seems I make more and more pies, and come the holiday season the pie baking workload becomes particularly heavy.

And learning how to freeze my pie crusts was a major game changer. Making my crust ahead of time and storing them in the freezer has freed up so much time.

Freezing pie crust also a great way to reduce kitchen waste. While pie crust has a decently long shelf life, freezing them will keep your crust good for a LONG time.

So if you want to freeze your pie crust, you will find the quickest and easiest method in this article.

Yes, You Can Freeze Pie Crust

fresh made pie crust on table

Do not underestimate how much time you will save by making your pie crust ahead of time! And storing them properly in your freezer will retain their flavor and texture better than any other storing method.

Not only is this method simple, it flat out works every time. And to make things even better, you don’t need any special tools.

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What You Need to Freeze Pie Crust

man shaping pie crust

The supply list for freezing pie crust is short! You likely already have everything you need on hand. The biggest challenge most people will run into is having enough freezer space.

That’s why I recommend clearing enough room for your pie crust before doing anything else. You will be putting your pie crust in the back of your freezer, so get in there and make some room!

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Once that’s done it’s time to gather around a few tools. Here’s everything you need to freeze your pie crusts.

  • Large freezer bags or freezer safe containers
  • Plastic wrap
  • Tin foil
  • Kitchen marker

See, I told you it was a short list! How much you need of each depends on how many pie crusts you will be freezing. Because I tend to make a lot of pies, I make a lot of crusts ahead of time as well. So I always keep these supplies well stocked.

But most will find they have plenty of supplies for freezing a few crusts at once Once you have your supplies gathered it’s time to start prepping your crust for freezing.

Step by Step Guide for Freezing Pie Crust

pie crust prepared for freezing

So now your pie crusts are made, and fully cooled (always fully cool your crust before moving on) and all your supplies are ready to go.

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Note: Ensure your pie pan is freezer safe. If it is not, you will have to transfer it to a freezer safe dish before moving on.

  1. Tightly wrap each pie crust individually in plastic wrap. Make sure it is completely covered. I recommend wrapping it in two layer of plastic wrap before moving on.
  2. Now, wrap each crust individually in tin foil. One layer is enough, just make sure it is completely covered.
  3. Place each wrapped pie crust in a freezer bag or freezer safe container and seal completely.
  4. Write today’s date on each pie crust container so you know when your crust was frozen.
  5. Place each pie carefully in the back of your freezer. It is fine to stack your pie crust on top of each other but avoid stacking too much on your crust to avoid breakage.

Bottom Line

Readers have asked me many times about freezing pie crust ahead of time and as you can see it’s a simple process.

The key to locking in the flavor and avoiding freezing burn is tightly wrapping and sealing each crust before putting them in your freezer.

As long as you follow these simple steps your pie crust will easily last for a year plus.