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How To Reheat Ganache

How To Reheat Ganache

Ganache is rich and creamy and perfect as a frosting or filling for all types of baked recipes. From cakes and cupcakes, to tarts and dipping fruit, ganache is versatile and simple to make.

But how do you reheat ganache?

It is very important to properly reheat ganache in order to maintain it’s decadent flavor and texture.

You can reheat ganache at room temperature or on the stovetop using a double boiler.

It is imperative that you follow the instructions below when reheating chocolate ganache or you can ruin your batch.

Improper heating methods are recommended on various websites but the two methods below are the only safe ways to heat your ganache without ruining the texture or flavor.

Whether you are reheating frozen or refrigerated ganache, the methods are the same. Use one of the following two ways no matter what type of ganache you are reheating.

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Best Methods for Reheating Chocolate Ganache

soft chocolate ganache

Chocolate ganache is traditionally made with heavy cream and chocolate, but there are numerous alternative recipes out there. But at the end of the day, ganache is a rich and creamy chocolate sauce used as a filling or frosting.

If your ganache is frozen or chilled in the refrigerator you will find that it has hardened and is not easily spread or filled into your particular baked good.

In order to achieve a spreadable consistency you have two options for thawing or reheating your ganache.

Do not use any other methods or you may ruin your ganache.

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Room Temperature

bowl of chocolate ganache

The best method to thaw your chilled or frozen chocolate ganache is setting it at room temperature until it has softened.

Simply set your container of ganache on the counter and allow it time to soften. If your ganache was in the fridge this can take as little as 15-30 minutes but if frozen it will take around 1 hour.

Allowing your ganache to achieve room temperature slowly will ensure that it retains it’s original consistency.

This is the method I use almost every time I have chilled ganache to prepare for use. And as long as you have time to allow your ganache to thaw at room temperature it is the method you should use.

Once your ganache has softened, simply stir to ensure any separation that has occurred has been combined.

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Double Boiler

If you are short on time and need to warm up your ganache quickly, then a double boiler will be needed.

To heat chilled or frozen ganache with a double boiler add a couple of inches of water to the bottom pot and pour your ganache in the top pot of your double boiler.

Bring the heat to medium low and stir your ganache until reaches the desired texture.

When using a double boiler to reheat ganache it is important to watch it closely to avoid burning. Stir continuously while your ganache heats and remove it from the double boiler as soon as it has softened.

This is the fastest way to safely reheat your ganache so if you do not have time to wait for it to thaw at room temperature this is the way to go.

Can you microwave ganache?

No, you should not reheat chocolate ganache in the microwave. It is very easy to burn ganache in a microwave and it will alter the flavor and consistency of your ganache.

I have seen many people recommend using a microwave when you are in a hurry but it is just not worth the risk.

The microwave will heat your ganache so quickly you are likely to burn it even when watching it closely. And this will ruin your ganache and that will save you no time since you will be forced to make ganache from scratch or scrap your recipe all together.

I cannot emphasize this enough, do not reheat ganache in the microwave.

Can you use cold ganache?

So what do you do if you don’t have a double boiler or time to let your ganache sit long enough to soften at room temperature?

You can try and spread your ganache cold. Keep in mind it will be very stiff and difficult to spread but it is possible if you take your time.

First, stir your ganache with a butter knife to loosen it up. Then, using small amounts of ganache at a time, spread on your cake, cupcake or whatever recipe you are making.

Cold ganache is not suitable for filling though, so if using your ganache as a filling you will just have to wait until it softens at room temp.