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How To Soften Hard Fudge

How To Soften Hard Fudge

If your fudge has become too hard to eat don’t throw it away! There are a few great methods for softening your fudge so you can still enjoy it.

Depending on how much time you have will dictate which fudge softening method to use. Read on for the details on each way to soften hard fudge.

The Best Ways To Make Hard Fudge Soft Again

In A Bag

The best method for softening hard fudge is to place your fudge in a large plastic bag along with a few pieces of bread. After putting everything in your bag, seal it up tight and allow it to set for at least ten hours.

Your fudge will absorb moisture from the bread and it will be back to soft and delicious. You can also put a wad of damp paper towel in the bag in place of the bread.

The key to this fudge softening method is allowing enough time for your fudge to take in the moisture. That means this technique is best when you have enough time. Read on for faster methods.

In The Oven

Preheat your even to 250 degrees and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Cut your fudge into small squares and arrange them on your baking sheet with space between each piece of fudge.

Pop them in the even for five to seven minutes. Check your fudge for desired softness and serve when they are soft again.

In The Microwave

This is the fastest method so use it when you are short on time, or just can’t wait any longer for fudge! This technique produces decent results but it’s easy to overheat your fudge so check it frequently.

Start by cutting your fudge into small squares and arrange them on a paper towel lined microwave safe plate. Leave a bit of space between each piece and place in microwave.

Microwave at medium heat for fifteen second intervals. Check between each heating for desired softness.

What To Use Leftover Fudge For

Leftover fudge can be used for countless other recipes.

Use as a topping on ice cream or frozen yogurt.

You can even doctor up your milk shakes to make them taste just like fudge!

Serve warm or cold on top of ice cream, fresh fruit or sprinkled over cake, muffins and cupcakes.

Bottom Line

These are the best ways to soften fudge when it’s too hard to eat. You can also use leftover fudge in other recipes. You may already have a favorite way of making sure your fudge is soft again, but these are here if you need them! The microwave method is the fastest and easiest way to soften your fudge so if time is a factor go with that one. Otherwise the bag method is my preferred technique. Enjoy!