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How To Soften Ice Cream

How To Soften Ice Cream

If your ice cream is too hard to scoop non need to worry! With these tips you can soften your ice cream and serve it quick!

Tips To Soften Ice Cream

Put It In The Fridge

To soften your ice cream without it getting watery, place it in your refrigerator for ten to thirty minutes before serving.

Use Your Mixer

A quicker method is to use your stand or hand mixer. Put the amount of ice cream you want to serve in your mixing bowl and mix on medium high speed until it reaches your desired softness.


Yes you can soften ice cream in the microwave.

If you are in a pinch and need a fast method you can microwave your bowl of ice cream to soften it up. Microwave it on low for ten second intervals until desired consistency is reached.

Use Hot Water

Another quick solution for ice cream that is too hard to scoop is to run hot water over your ice cream scoop before each scoop of ice cream is scooped.

How To Soften Ice Cream To Make Ice Cream Cake

Ice cream cakes can be a challenge to make because of the difficulty in getting it to stay hard and not melt. If you are planning ahead to serve a cake that has many layers of ice cream, consider using an ice cream that has been softened in advance. In addition, you can add the toppings directly on top of it and then cover the cake with clear wrap or plastic wrap before freezing it. Then, once completely frozen, peel off the plastic wrap and add more toppings.

How To Soften Ice Cream To Make Ice Cream Pie

The method that works for ice cream pie is the same as for ice cream cake. Allow the ice cream to soften using one of the above methods and then put it directly into its pie crust and then add toppings to cover it. Then, once complete, freeze it.


Make sure to time the ice cream according to what you want. For example, for eating right away, softening it with the mixer sets it perfectly. When making a cake or pie, be sure to soften the ice cream and then put it in a bowl before adding toppings and rechilling.