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How To Thicken Cookie Dough

How To Thicken Cookie Dough

Is your cookie dough too runny? Here are a few ways to thicken it up! I make a lot of cookies and I still occasionally have dough that’s not thick enough. Luckily there are a couple ways to fix this common cookie making issue.

The key to fixing a runny (or even a too thick) dough is to keep your wet to dry ingredients at the right proportions. So a runny dough means there is too much wet ingredients. That means we need to up our dry ingredients to balance our dough out.

Add Flour

Adding flour can give the dough the right consistency that you’re looking for.

Make sure it’s not wheat flour, though, because it’ll change the flavor of your recipe.

All-purpose is my preference. Add one tablespoon at a time while stirring until the desired consistency is reached. Then bake your cookies according to your recipe.

Make Cookie Crumbles

Another great way to use up runny cookie dough is to make cookie crumbled! They make a great snack as is or you can throw them into some homemade ice cream for a delicious family dessert.

This works for classic chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, oatmeal and pretty much any cookie you can think of!

Simply line your baking sheet with parchment paper and lay your dough out flat in a half inch layer. Bake it at 350 degrees for about nine minutes and remove. Once it cools just crumble it up and enjoy!

What Makes Cookie Dough Runny?

Cookie dough that’s too wet is a common cause for runny cookie dough. Excess moisture in your ingredients is often the problem. Add in too much milk, water, oil or eggs and you’re going to have a runny dough.

Another factor could be using old flour. If it’s more than three months old then it can start to lose its structure and absorb moisture.

A third culprit is using two different types of flour in your recipe (for example a gluten free mix).


When in doubt, I like to add flour but baking and crumbling is a fun way to make a bad batch of cookie dough a delicious treat everyone will love.