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Homemade Ice Cream Making Tips: Make Better Ice Cream At Home

Homemade Ice Cream Making Tips: Make Better Ice Cream At Home

Making ice cream at home doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right technique and tools you can create amazing homemade ice cream that is perfect for family and get togethers.

I made my first batch of ice cream with my aunt when I was about seven. She ran a bakery and was a real wizard with ice cream.

I was fortunate to have such a wonderful teacher and I still make ice cream of all flavors today. My family loves homemade ice cream and once you learn how to make it yourself you won’t look at this sweet frozen dessert the same ever again.

Ice Cream Making Tips For Delicious Ice Cream

You can find a lot of amazing homemade ice cream recipes on Treat Dreams. To get the most out of your efforts it’s important to learn a few tricks of the ice cream making trade.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be amazed at how creamy and delicious your ice cream is.

Milk and Cream Tips

  1. When a recipe calls for scalding milk or cream it means to bring your milk or cream to the point of steaming over hot water.

2. When making homemade ice cream, never bring your milk to a boil.

3. If you are using part milk in a recipe then the cream can be whipped before freezing your ice cream.

4. If your recipe calls for eggs, cook them with your cream or milk.

5. Not every ice cream requires cream though.

6. Eggless, or Philadelphia cream, is great with fruit ice creams.

7. Cream becomes better with a little age. Use three day old cream for better flavor and consistency.

8. Scalding your milk will provide an ice cream with more body and a finer grain.

9. Sugar content matters. Too much sugar and your ice cream will be hard to freeze. But too little sugar will lead to a coarse consistency.

10. If you are using sour fruits in your ice cream, add them after your ice cream freezes.

11. Lemons, oranges, and raspberries work better as frozen ice flavors than ice cream.

Transferring Your Ice Cream After It Freezes

The increased size of ice cream comes from air entering it during the mixing phase. Every time you move your ice cream from one container to another it will lose some of it’s bulk.

Because of this, when your ice cream is soft and light it should be transferred to it’s final container or mold.

If you must repack your ice cream to transport it then use half the salt you used to freeze it. This will keep your cream more uniform and prevent it getting coarse or grainy.

More Ice Cream Making Tips

Always keep your freezer and containers clean and sanitary. When cleaning up after making a batch of ice cream, use hot water to remove any residual grease from cooking utensils and containers.

If making ice cream with copper containers fill them with water and let them stand for a couple hours. Then use a bit of fine wet salt to scrub them clean.


Whether you are making a small batch of homemade ice cream for the family or a big batch for a large summer get together, following the tips above when making your recipe will help you get amazing results.

I’ve been making ice cream most of my life and it’s so much fun and fulfilling seeing the smiles on happy faces when they try a new recipe.

Don’t be afraid to try as many recipes as possible. The more ice cream you make the better you will get at it. And if you have any helpful tips drop them in the comments or shoot me an email.