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Ladyfingers vs Margherite Cookies

Ladyfingers vs Margherite Cookies

I’m often asked if margherite cookies can be used in place of ladyfingers when making tiramisu. And if you’ve been wondering what the difference is between ladyfingers and margherites then you will find all the answers right here.

Ladyfingers are a sponge like cookie that is traditionally used to make tiramisu but is also used in a number of other dessert recipes.

Margharite cookies are a vanilla flavored cookie traditionally used for dunking in tea or coffee but are also used in a number of dessert recipes.

Read on for how these two dessert cookies compare and when they can be used in substitute for one another.

Uses for Ladyfingers and Margherite Cookies

tiramisu with coffee

Ladyfingers are best known for being soaked and then used to make tiramisu. While Margherites are traditionally served with coffee or tea. They are often dunked in the hot beverage of choice.

Tiramisu is made using coffee soaked ladyfingers with layers of mascarpone cheese and set for up to two hours. This delicious dessert is quite popular in the US and Europe and it is often asked whether margherites can be used instead of ladyfingers.

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Can Margherites be Substituted for Ladyfingers in Tiramisu?

Yes, margherites are a suitable substitute for ladyfingers in tiramisu but there are some considerations that must be taken into account.

Remember that ladyfingers soak up coffee creating a soft base for tiramisu, but margherites take a bit of care to achieve the same results.

Margherite cookies will need to soak longer than ladyfingers to achieve a similar texture and flavor penetration.

Expect to soak your margherites for at least an hour or two longer than ladyfingers, especially when your recipe calls for overnight soaking in the refrigerator.

What are the Differences Between Margherites and Ladyfingers

Most ladyfingers found in the US are soft. They resemble angel food cake, sponge cake, or pound cake in texture.

On the other hand, margherite cookies are much harder than ladyfingers. They are denser and less airy than ladyfingers. This is why when using them in tiramisu, they must soak longer than ladyfingers.

Note: European ladyfingers are denser and harder than their American counterparts. In fact, European ladyfingers are quite similar to margherites in texture.

You will find that recipes that call for American style ladyfingers require you to toast them before soaking them for tiramisu.

Margherite vs Ladyfinger Similarities

Both of these little cookies offer a similar flavor. While the texture is not exactly the same, they are similar enough to be used in some of the same recipes with slight alterations.

Substituting Margherite Cookies and Ladyfingers for Each Other

As noted above, margherites can be used in place of ladyfingers in tiramisu if you soak them at least two hours longer.

Ladyfingers can also be used in place of margherites in most recipes. Because they both offer a similar flavor, they make excellent alternatives for each other in all types of recipes.

Bottom Line

Both of these delicious cookies can be used to dunk in coffee or tea. They offer a sweet flavor that is quite similar and even thought their texture is different, they work well as substitutes for one another.