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Maple Extract

Maple Extract

What Is Maple Extract

Maple extract is a term used for four different types of maple flavoring. The four types of maple extract are pure maple extract, natural maple extract, artificial maple extract, and imitation maple extract.

All types of maple extract are found in liquid form. Natural and pure maple extract are made using alcohol while imitation and artificial maple extract do not necessarily use alcohol in their production.

All forms of maple extract offer concentrated maple flavor used in making various food recipes.

What Is Maple Extract Used For?

maple sap collection buckets on maple trees

Maple extract is used to flavor different dishes without adding a significant amount of volume to a dish.

Maple extract is used when maple syrup (or other maple product) is not available or ideal for a particular recipe.

Maple extract is one of a number of maple flavored products used in desserts and other recipes. You will also find maple syrup, maple honey, maple butter, maple cream, and maple sugar used to add flavor to recipes.

It is possible to substitute these various maple flavored products for each other, with certain considerations.

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Maple extract is used in a number of recipes including frosting, glazes, icing, ice cream, pancakes, waffles, cakes, and more.

Maple extract is also frequently substituted for vanilla extract in cookies and donuts. It is a popular ingredient used in fall desserts.

Maple extract is used in non food products as well. It can be found in skin care products, plumping products, makeup, and even hair care products.

What is Pure Maple Extract

Pure maple extract is made by distilling the sap of a maple tree.

What is Natural Maple Extract

Natural maple extract is another term used for extract made from the sap of maple trees distilled with alcohol.

What is Imitation and Artificial Maple Extract

Imitation and artificial extract can refer to any maple flavored liquid that uses artificial ingredients to mimic a maple flavor. Alcohol is usually not used in the making of artificial or imitation maple extract.

What Are The Ingredients of Maple Extract

Pure and natural maple extract is made using maple sap, sugar, and alcohol. Often artificial colors can be found in maple extract.

Can You Make Your Own Maple Extract

It is not easy to make pure maple extract at home, but imitation extract made with fenugreek seeds can be made using vodka and fenugreek seeds.

Imitation maple extract can be made in a pressure cooker or on the stovetop.

Can You Use Maple Syrup in Place of Maple Extract

Yes you can use maple syrup in place of maple extract. Both ingredients are used to add maple flavor to a dish and can work interchangeably.

When substituting maple syrup for maple extract use about a half teaspoon of maple syrup for each teaspoon of maple extract.

Does Maple Extract Go Bad

Pure maple extract can last indefinitely when stored in a cool dry place.

When storing maple extract, keep it in it’s original bottle and out of direct sunlight.

If you are unsure if your maple extract was stored properly, smell and taste for any signs of spoilage.

Maple Extract vs Maple Syrup

Both maple extract and maple syrup can be used to add a maple flavor to a recipe. The primary difference when baking, is that maple extract is a highly concentrated form while maple syrup is not.

Maple Extract vs Maple Flavoring

Maple extract generally refers to distilled maple sap while maple flavoring refers to a maple flavored liquid.

Maple extract tends to cost more than maple flavoring.