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Best Neufchâtel Cheese Substitutes (How To Use Them)

Best Neufchâtel Cheese Substitutes (How To Use Them)

If you are all out of Neufchâtel cheese and need it for a recipe, no need to fear. You will find all the best substitutes and how to use them in this article.

While not everyone is familiar with this delicious, creamy cheese, we used it all the time in my home when I was growing up, and I still love to use it to make desserts, dips, and to top breakfast treats.

If you cannot find Neufchâtel cheese at your grocery store you still have a number of great options. And you likely already have at least one of the top alternatives in your kitchen.

So what are the best substitutes for Neufchâtel cheese?

The top Neufchâtel cheese substitutes are cream cheese, mascarpone cheese, Ricotta, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, goat cheese, and “nut cream cheese”.

Neufchâtel cheese Alternatives

slice of cheesecake

Neufchatel is a creamy, soft cheese with a rich flavor reminiscent of cream cheese. It is incredibly versatile and can be used for everything from spreading on bagels and crackers, to making delicious desserts, to being a base for dips and spreads. You can even make delicious frosting with Neufchâtel cheese.

But what do you use when you’re all out of Neufchâtel? Read on for all the top substitutes as well as how to use them in your recipe.

Cream Cheese

container of cream cheese

The most popular substitute for Neufchâtel cheese is cream cheese. They are incredibly similar in flavor and texture.

The primary difference between Neufchâtel and cream cheese is that cream cheese has a higher fat content and lower moisture content.

Cream cheese is so similar to Neufchâtel that it can be used in every recipe that calls for Neufchâtel with no recipe alterations needed.

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1 cup cream cheese equals 1 cup Neufchâtel

Mascarpone Cheese

Mascarpone Cheese in dish on board

Mascarpone is a rich and creamy cheese with a great flavor. It is an excellent Neufchâtel cheese replacement as it offers a similar texture and creamy flavor. It can be used in almost any recipe that calls for Neufchâtel cheese.

Mascarpone’s flavor is less tangy than Neufchâtel and it has a lower salt content but it works wonderfully in everything from dips, to spreads, to desserts.

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1 cup mascarpone equals 1 cup Neufchâtel

Ricotta Cheese

fresh ricotta cheese on board

Ricotta is a popular cheese used in Italian pasta dishes but it can be used in many types of recipes that call for Neufchâtel.

Ricotta does have a more watery consistency so when used to make desserts you will need to add some cream and stir to thicken it up. I also like to strain out the excess water when using ricotta in my desserts.

To thicken ricotta cheese add it to your food processor with some heavy cream and a bit of lemon juice. Blend it until it reaches the desired thickness.

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1 cup ricotta equals 1 cup Neufchâtel

Cottage Cheese

classic country pot of cottage cheese

Believe it or not, cottage cheese is an excellent substitute for Neufchâtel cheese. While I would use cream cheese or mascarpone if I had it on hand, cottage cheese will work in a pinch in most recipes that call for Neufchâtel.

To use cottage cheese in place of Neufchâtel place your whole fat milk cottage cheese in the blender and add a bit of lemon juice. Then process until your cottage cheese is creamy and the desired thickness. Now simply add it to your recipe as you would Neufchâtel.

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1 cup cottage cheese equals 1 cup Neufchâtel

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt in container

Another kitchen staple that can be used instead of Neufchâtel in a pinch is Greek yogurt. Plain Greek yogurt can be thickened and used in almost any recipe that calls for Neufchâtel cheese.

To thicken your yogurt take a cheesecloth and strain out the excess liquid and then place your yogurt in a mixing bowl. Whip it by hand until your yogurt is the desired thickness. Now simply add your yogurt to your recipe in place of Neufchâtel.


1 cup Greek yogurt equals 1 cup Neufchâtel

Goat Cheese

assorted types of goat cheese

While not often considered when thinking of Neufchâtel, goat cheese is none the less a great substitute option.

Goat cheese offers a delicious and complex flavor as well as a texture close enough to Neufchâtel to be a great alternative.

I particularly like using goat cheese in dips and spreads. But keep in mind, goat cheese is not a good Neufchâtel replacement in baked recipes.


1 cup goat cheese equals 1 cup Neufchâtel

Nut Cream Cheese

Nut Cream Cheese

If you are looking for a vegan friendly and dairy free Neufchâtel substitute, your best option are nut cream cheeses.

Nut cream cheese can be found at many grocery stores as well as numerous online retailers. They work well in dips and spreads.

When it comes to baking with nut cream cheese, it is best to use them in recipes that specifically call for them. As the protein and fat content of these cheese replacements require additional ingredients for the best results.


1 cup nut cream cheese equals 1 cup Neufchâtel