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Palm Sugar vs Cane Sugar

Palm Sugar vs Cane Sugar

If you are wondering how cane sugar and palm sugar compare and what they are best used for, you will find all the answers to your questions in this quick article.

Both palm sugar and cane sugar are popular ingredients used to add sweetness to many types of recipes.

And if you are making a recipe that calls for one and want to know if you can substitute the other, we will cover that as well.

Read on to find out more about these two popular sweeteners.

Cane Sugar vs Palm Sugar Differences and Similarities

bowl full of cane sugar on cutting board

Palm sugar is a natural sugar produced from the sap of the flowers of the palm tree.

The sap is extracted and then boiled down, leaving behind the solid sugars,

Cane sugar is made by processing chopped sugar cane. It is boiled down, leaving behind just the sugars.

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Is palm sugar the same as cane sugar

view from above of bowl and spoons of palm sugar

No, palm sugar and cane sugar are different types of natural sugars. They are produced from different plants and offer different sweetness levels.

Palm sugar is much less sweet than cane sugar. Palm sugar’s subtle sweetness is used in many styles of cooking.

It is a popular ingredient for curries, rice based dishes, and many desserts. In fact, palm sugar is used to making everything from cake and cookies to pudding and tarts.

Cane sugar is a common sweetener used in cooking and baking. While it is often used in main dishes, it is most commonly used for baking bread, cookies, muffins, scones, and all sorts of baked goods.

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Does palm sugar taste different than cane sugar

closeup of assorted fresh baked cookies

Both of these sugars offer a unique flavor all their own. While they can be used in many of the same recipes, palm sugar is less sweet with a flavor somewhat similar to brown sugar.

Cane sugar has a more intense level of sweetness with a flavor more similar to granulated sugar.

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Can you substitute palm sugar for cane sugar

view from above of fresh baked muffins on serving dish

Palm sugar can be used instead of cane sugar in most recipes. It can be used at a 1:1 ratio if you would like to produce a recipe that is less sweet, otherwise you will want to use a 2:1 ratio for the same level of sweetness.

Palm sugar is an excellent cane sugar substitute in baked goods and savory meals, but because of it’s higher moisture content you may need to reduce other liquids a small amount to compensate.

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Can you use cane sugar instead of palm sugar

slice of homemade carrot cake on plate

Yes, cane sugar can be substituted for palm sugar in most recipes. As noted above, cane sugar is sweeter than palm sugar, so less will be needed to achieve the same level of sweetness.

Use half as much cane sugar as your recipe calls for in palm sugar. Additionally, because cane sugar is lower in moisture, you may need to increase other liquids a small amount for similar results.

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Bottom Line

Both can sugar and palm sugar are great ingredients for sweetening up all sorts of recipes. They are both equally well suited for sweet desserts as they are for savory dishes such as curry or rice.

The key to using one in place of the other is to remember that cane sugar is much sweeter than palm sugar. So make sure to use the proper ratio for your particular recipe.