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Best Passion Fruit Substitute

Best Passion Fruit Substitute

Are you making a recipe that calls for passion fruit but don’t have any available? No need to scrap your recipe, there are a number of great substitutes for passion fruit.

Passion fruit is a sweet tropical fruit that is found in many citrus, chocolate, and coconut based recipes.

Passion fruit has a jelly like consistency with eye catching seeds that make it one of the most beautiful fruits used in desserts.

So what are the best passion fruit substitutes?

The top substitutes for passion fruit are pineapple, banana, mango, guava, papaya, passion fruit derivative and peaches.

These fruits work well in all types of recipes. Read on for how to use each one as an alternative to passion fruit.

Passion Fruit Alternatives

whole and sliced passion fruit on cutting board

Passion fruit is used in many recipes and are used in syrups, purees, jams and jellies, and more. The key to substituting for passion fruit is using a an alternative that pairs well with the other ingredients in your recipe.

Each of the following passion fruit replacements will go well with your recipe. Which one to use comes down to personal preference and what you have readily available.


sliced pineapple

Pineapple works in almost any recipe that calls for passion fruit. Pineapple’s flavor pairs perfectly with all types of recipes including desserts and beverages. The only downside to pineapple is it does not puree very well. But if whole fruit or juice is what you need then pineapple is a great option.

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bunch of bananas

If you want a more subtle substitute for passion fruit then bananas are great. They are readily available everywhere and are affordable. Banana also goes well with chocolate, coconut, and almost any dessert you will make.

Bananas won’t work well in beverages or syrups but outside of those recipes they are a great alternative to passion fruit.

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whole and sliced mango

Mango is a great passion fruit replacement. It can be found in most grocery stores fresh, canned, and jellied.

Mango can be used in any type of recipe and is one of my favorite passion fruit substitutes. It has an amazing flavor and it pairs with many other dessert combinations.

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sliced and whole Guava

Guava is one of the most flavorful tropical fruits but it is not available in all areas. If you can find it at your local supermarket then grab it! It is an excellent substitute for passion fruit and works well in any type of recipe.

It can be used whole, pureed, and the juice goes well in beverages.


Papaya sliced in half

Papaya is a little easier to find in most places than passion fruit and it is a great alternative. It offers a milder flavor than passion fruit but it pairs well with chocolate and coconut.

The juice is also very good making it a great alternative for syrups and beverages.

Passion Fruit Derivatives

passion fruit jam

While not all stores have fresh passion fruit in stock, most do have passion fruit derivatives available.

Passion fruit jelly, jam, and syrup can be used in many recipes. If you need a fresh fruit alternative then one of the above options is the way to go.


fresh peaches in basket

Both peaches and nectarines offer a perfect flavor alternative to passion fruit. Peaches are widely available and work well in whole or pureed form.

Peaches also have a similar texture to passion fruit making it a solid option when you need a substitute.

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Passion Fruit Replacement FAQ

whole passion fruit in bowl

What Does Passion Fruit Taste Like?

Passion fruit has a unique flavor so there is no direct substitution when looking at flavor alone. It is a sweet fruit with a bit of tart.

The closest comparable flavor can be found in pineapples and kiwis. Because passion fruit are tropical, the most similar flavored fruits will also be tropical.

Why Are Passion Fruit So Expensive?

Passion fruit are not widely grown in the US so they must be imported. They are also fairly fragile fruits which can lead to low numbers some years.

Both of these factors lead to a relatively high cost for passion fruit.

Can Passion Fruit Be Eaten Raw?

Yes passion fruit can be eaten raw. The pulp and seed of the passion fruit are edible but the rind is not.

How Did Passion Fruit Get It’s Name?

Passion fruit comes from passion flower plants.