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Quark vs Cottage Cheese

Quark vs Cottage Cheese

If you are wondering what the difference is between quark cheese and cottage cheese then you will find everything you need to know in this article.

Both of these types of cheeses are popular and at times are confused for one another. But quark and cottage cheese are not the same thing.

Understanding the difference will help you know which of these two cheeses will work best in your recipe.

What is Quark?

quark cheese with fruit and oats

Quark is a smooth and soft dairy cheese used in a number of sweet and savory recipes. It is soft and offs a mild flavor that makes it versatile.

You will find quark called for in many dishes, and it is particularly popular in numerous European dishes. But it has been gaining in popularity in the US and is becoming more widely used in many American kitchens.

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What is Quark Used For

Quark is arguably most well known as the base for German cheesecake. This style of cheesecake is rich and delicious but there is more to quark than just cheesecake.

It is a popular addition to oatmeal, yogurt, crepes and many other tasty breakfast recipes.

It is also a great addition to lasagna, manicotti and other pasta dinner recipes.

When it comes to dessert you can use quark in many great dishes including mousse, carrot cake, and even tarts.

Quark’s soft texture and mild flavor make it incredibly versatile and makes a great alternative cheese to keep stocked in your refrigerator.

Tip: Quark can be used in any recipe that calls for yogurt.

How is Quark Made?

Quark is produced using pasteurized milk that has been acidified with lactic acid culture.

It is then filtered to separate the water from the casein and whey. A large portion of the lactose and salt is also filtered out leaving you with a high protein cheese perfect for numerous recipes.

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What is Cottage Cheese?

cottage cheese and wooden spoon

Cottage cheese is also a fresh dairy cheese. It is known for it’s curds and it offers a creamy texture and a savory, mild flavor.

Cottage cheese can be found in small, medium, and large curd. It is widely available in most grocery stores and is one of the most popular cheeses in the US.

Cottage cheese is believed to be one of the first cheeses made in the US. And it is still popular today.

What is Cottage Cheese Used For

Cottage cheese is often eaten topped with fruit or granola but it can be incorporated into all types of recipes. The opportunities to use cottage cheese are nearly endless.

You can top your pancakes or add them to fruit crepes for a savory and creamy finish. Cottage cheese can also be added to a yogurt parfait for a thick and filling take on the classic yogurt parfait.

Yogurt also can be added to cheesecake and it works particularly well when paired with lemon or other citrus recipes.

Cottage cheese can also be used to make paneer and chip dips. Cottage cheese can find a place in meals from breakfast to dinner to dessert.

How is Cottage Cheese Made

Cottage cheese is produced by adding acidity to milk which creates the curds cottage cheese is known for.

Once the curds are made, they are rinsed and salt is added. And now you have the form of cottage cheese we all know and love.

What is the Difference Between Cottage Cheese and Quark?

While quark and cottage cheese provide a similar texture, cottage cheese has curds while quark does not.

Cottage cheese has a higher water content than quark while quark has more protein per serving than cottage cheese.

Cottage cheese has more sugar and a higher fat content than quark.

Cottage Cheese vs Quark FAQ

quark and cottage cheese with fruit

Can I use cottage cheese instead of quark?

Yes, cottage cheese is a good substitute for quark. Cottage cheese can be used in all types of recipes that call for quark. It works in sweet dessert recipes as well as savory dinner dishes.

What is quark called in USA?

Besides being called quark, in the US you may find it called pot cheese, farmer’s cheese or even dry curd cheese.