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Substitute For Eggs In French Toast

Substitute For Eggs In French Toast

Are you making French toast but you’re all out of eggs? Or maybe you have diet restrictions that mean you need to make egg free French toast.

No matter what the reason, there’s no need to fear! There are multiple great substitutes for eggs you can use to make great tasting French toast.

French toast is one of the best sweet breakfast treats around! My entire family loves when I make a batch of homemade French toast, and having extended family members who do not eat eggs means I’ve wrestled with how to replace them while maintaining that amazing flavor and texture we all love.

Classic French toast is crispy on the outside with a wonderful, chewiness that eggs help provide. So when we remove eggs, we need to use a substitute that will provide a similar texture and flavor.

And just in case you are looking for a dairy free alternative, you will find those below as well.

So what are the best egg substitutes when making French toast?

The top alternatives to eggs when making homemade French toast are whole fat milk, almond milk, coconut milk, and soy milk.

You will also need cornstarch to thicken up your milk. These combinations will produce French toast with a great, crispy texture and delicious flavor.

Make sure to read on to learn how to use each of these replacement ingredients in your particular recipe.

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Egg Alternatives for Making French Toast

French toast on plate with fruit top view

You may be skeptical that you can make French toast with that classic flavor and texture without eggs, but you will be amazed at how well your French toast turns out using these substitutions.

Eggs are a very important ingredient, they provide your French toast with flavor and texture. So replacing it means using ingredients that will give you a similar result.

And as long as you have milk and cornstarch (flour in a pinch) you can make any French toast recipe egg free.

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whole fat milk in a glass

Milk can be mixed with cornstarch to make a great egg replacement for any style of French toast. The milk provides flavor, and when combined with cornstarch, the thickness needed to stick to your slices of bread.

I recommend using whole fat milk for the best results, but reduced fat milk can be used in a pinch. This combination produces that classic crispy French toast texture and a superb flavor.

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1/2 cup milk combined with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch equals 1 egg

Almond Milk

glass of unflavored almond milk

If you are looking to make egg and dairy free French toast, then almond milk is an excellent alternative. You will prepare your almond milk just like we did for dairy milk. Mix in cornstarch to thicken your almond milk.

While almond milk lacks the thickness of dairy milk, this combination will adhere to your bread and produce a wonderful flavor and texture.

Use unflavored or vanilla almond milk when making French toast.

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1/2 cup of almond milk combined with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch equals 1 egg

Coconut Milk

glass pitcher of coconut milk on wood table

Coconut milk is another great way to replace egg in French toast, and it is dairy free and vegan friendly. Preparation is just like using dairy milk, you will need to thicken your coconut milk with cornstarch or flour.

Coconut milk does offer a subtle coconut flavor to your French toast, but that’s a good thing if you like coconut!

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1/2 cup of coconut milk combined with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch equals 1 egg

Soy Milk

top view of glass of soy milk and bowl of soy beans

Soy milk is another great egg alternative for those looking for an egg and dairy free option. It’s also a great way to make vegan friendly French toast with a great texture.

Soy milk isn’t as thick as dairy milk, but it still sticks to your bread as long as you thicken it with some cornstarch.


1/2 cup of soy milk combined with 1 tablespoon of cornstarch equals 1 egg

Bottom Line

If you are out of eggs you can still make great tasting French toast! That wonderful, crispy texture and heavenly flavor can be produced when you use the right alternative.

While I recommend thickening your milk with cornstarch, you can use all-purpose flour if that is all you have on hand. Use the same amount of flour as you would cornstarch and you’re good to go!