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Substitute For Milk In Pancakes

Substitute For Milk In Pancakes

Are you making pancakes but you’re all out of milk? Or are you looking for a dairy free milk substitute that you can use for making pancakes?

No need to worry! There are multiple milk alternatives you can use to make delicious, fluffy pancakes. These subs work whether you are using a pancake mix or making them from scratch.

So what are the best milk substitutes for making pancakes?

The top pancake milk substitutes are heavy cream, half and half, yogurt, sour cream, coconut milk, oat milk, almond milk, and water.

Be sure to continue reading on for how to use each milk alternative for making tasty pancakes.

Dairy Alternatives for Milk in Pancakes

homemade pancakes with fruit and a glass of orange juice

Milk is generally called for when making pancakes and it serves an important purpose in creating the delicious flavor and texture of traditional pancakes.

The milk adds a creamy flavor as well as aiding in blending together the dry ingredients. A liquid is required for creating pancake batter. And while milk is the traditional liquid in most recipes, many other liquid ingredients will work wonderfully.

Any of the following substitutes can be used in your recipe or pancake mix, but some will provide more flavor and a fluffier texture than others.

The replacement you use will come down to what you have on hand as well as the flavor and texture you are going for.

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Heavy Cream

pitcher of cream

This baking staple is a great way to add flavor and bring the dry ingredients of your batter together. I do a lot of baking, so I tend to have plenty of heavy cream on hand. And I really enjoy the texture and flavor it adds to my homemade pancakes.

Heavy cream is thicker than milk, so I like to thin it with some water before adding it to my other ingredients.

I use equal parts heavy cream and water and stir it into my other ingredients for the perfect milk substitute.

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1/2 cup of heavy cream and 1/2 cup of water equals 1 cup of milk

Half and Half

pitcher of half and half

Another baking staple, half and half is a great ingredient to use instead of milk for making pancakes. It offers a similar flavor and texture to milk and is suitable for any pancake recipe.

Half and half is also thicker than milk which means you will want to thin it with water before mixing your batter.

Combine two parts half and half to each one part water for a thick and fluffy stack of flapjacks.

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2/3 cup of half and half equals 1 cup of milk

Greek Yogurt

glass container of Greek yogurt on a table

If you enjoy the way Greek yogurt tastes, it is a great way to make pancakes with an interesting flavor. The thickness of yogurt also creates a thick and heavy pancake texture that is perfect for adding fruit and sweet toppings.

Because yogurt is quite a bit thicker than milk, I recommend mixing in a bit of water to thin it out. Just add a little water at a time until your batter reaches the desired thickness.

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2/3 cup of yogurt and 1/3 cup of water equals 1 cup of milk

Sour Cream

baking dish of sour cream

Believe it or not, sour cream is a great milk alternative when making pancakes. It provides a great flavor and fluffy texture. It is actually one of my personal favorite ways to make pancakes.

Pancakes made with sour cream are perfect for adding whipped cream and fruit. The tang of the sour cream is the perfect compliment for sweet toppings.

Because of it’s thickness, you will want to stir in a some water until the batter is the desired thickness.

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2/3 cup of sour cream and 1/3 cup of water equals 1 cup of milk

Dairy Free Milk Replacements for Pancakes

fruit and syrup pancakes with fresh mint

If you need a non-dairy substitute for milk in your pancakes, there are a number of great options. Each of these alternatives will bring your dry ingredients together. I have found that dairy free options tend to make thinner pancakes, but the flavor is excellent and are a great way to make dairy free pancakes.

Coconut Milk or Coconut Cream

bottle of coconut milk and sliced coconut

Probably my favorite dairy free milk substitute, coconut milk is an excellent choice for making pancakes from a mix or from scratch.

Coconut cream is another excellent sub for milk in pancakes. Both of these options will bring your dry ingredients together into a great pancake batter.

For coconut milk, use a 1:1 ratio, and for coconut cream use two parts coconut cream and one part water.


Either 1 cup of coconut milk or 2/3 cup coconut cream and 1/3 cup water equals 1 cup of milk

Oat Milk

glass of oat milk and bowl of whole oats

Oat milk is a popular dairy free milk sub for all types of recipes, and it is also a great alternative when making pancakes.

It provides a subtle flavor that goes well with any pancake topping. The texture is a bit flat, but the flavor is great.


1 cup of oat milk equals 1 cup of milk

Almond Milk

carafe of almond milk and whole almonds on table

Almond milk is another way to add some flavor to your dairy free pancakes. It is a great alternative if you don’t mind thinner pancakes. While texture isn’t fluffy, the flavor is wonderful.

Almond milk based pancakes are perfect for any topping, syrup, fruit or any of your favorite toppings.


1 cup of almond milk equals 1 cup of milk


pancakes made with water

Yes, you can use water to make pancakes. While it won’t add flavor to your batter, it will bring all your dry ingredients together perfectly.

Pancakes made with water are thin, and can come out a little bit crispier than those made with milk, but no other alterations are needed for your recipe.


1 cup of water equals 1 cup of milk

Milk Replacement in Pancakes FAQ

pancakes made with a mix

Can you substitute yogurt for milk in pancakes?

Yes, yogurt is an excellent substitute for milk when making pancakes. It creates a flavorful and thick pancake.

Use plain, unflavored Greek yogurt or plain unflavored regular yogurt. It works in homemade or in a mix.

You will want to add equal parts water to yogurt to thin it enough for making your batter.

Can you make pancakes with water instead of milk?

Yes, water can be used instead of milk. It can be used at a 1:1 ratio. Your pancakes will be flatter when using water, but the flavor will still be good and no other changes to your recipe need to be made.

Can sour cream be used to for pancakes in place of milk?

Yes, sour cream makes tasty and fluffy pancakes. The tangy flavor of sour cream is a great pairing with sweet pancake toppings.

Use two thirds of a cup of sour cream and one third of a cup of water in place of one cup of milk.

Can soy milk be used when making pancakes?

Yes, soy milk can be used for making pancake batter. I have not personally made pancakes with soy milk, but it will allow your to mix together your dry ingredients.