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Best Substitutes For Orange Flower Water

Best Substitutes For Orange Flower Water

Orange flower water (also know as orange blossom water) is used in a number of recipes. It can often be difficult to locate at the local grocery store so understanding what to use as a substitution can help you make your recipe when you don’t have orange flower water on hand.

It is made by distilling the leaves of the bitter orange tree. Orange blossom water imparts a strong and delicious orange flavor.

It’s important to use the right substitution as some types of recipe call for a specific replacement ingredient.

So what are the best substitutes for orange blossom water?

The top substitutions for orange flower water are orange zest, orange juice or liqueur, orange oil, and orange extract.

Orange Flower Water Alternatives

In order to use the right orange blossom water substitute for your recipe it’s important to know which are well suited for baking or other types of dishes.

Read on for when to use each of the orange flower water replacements.

Orange Zest

If you are baking a dish that calls for orange blossom water, orange zest is the best substitute to use.

Most recipes will use one full grated orange to sub for orange blossom water. You can add a couple drops of orange oil if you have any on hand, but it is optional.

Orange Juice or Liqueur

If you are making a custard, syrup, whipped topping, or glaze then orange juice or orange liqueur is the best replacement to use.

Pulp or pulp free orange can be used and if you would like to use a liqueur then Triple Sec or any other orange liqueur will work well.

When using this substitution you may find that a little added sugar is needed.

Orange Oil

If you don’t have the substitutions above then orange oil is a good alternative. It works fairly well in both baked and non baked recipes.

While it does not offer the same level of flavor, it can be used in a 1:1 ratio.

Orange Extract

Another good backup substitute then orange extract will get the job done. Orange extract is made by distilling the skin of an orange. It is a strong flavor so you will want to use a bit less than you would orange flower water.

Start with a 1:2 ratio and add a small amount if necessary.

Where to Buy Orange Blossom Water

A specialty grocery store is likely to stock orange flower water. If you cannot find it at any of your local stores it is available from multiple online retailers.