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Great Substitutes For Trimoline (Invert Sugar)

Great Substitutes For Trimoline (Invert Sugar)

Trimoline is an invert sugar that is quite sweet and thick. It is used in a number of recipes and if you do not have any on hand, you can use one of these effective substitutes to complete your recipe.

Trimoline’s thickness also allows it to absorb moisture so when replacing it in a recipe this absorption level must be taken into consideration. Be certain to use the following alternatives to trimoline properly (don’t worry I will explain how) so your recipe works even with a different sweetener being used.

What are the top trimoline substitutions?

The best substitutions for trimoline are molasses, honey, corn syrup, glucose syrup, and brown sugar.

Alternatives For Trimoline

Trimoline is an invert sugar that offers a combination of glucose and fructose. And that is very important to keep in mind when looking for a replacement. Trimoline is very absorbent so our alternative sweetener must offer more absorption than regular granulated sugar.


Molasses is extracted from the sugar cane plant and is a very thick syrup with a deep brown color. It has about twice the sweetness of regular granulated sugar. Molasses makes a great substitution for trimoline and offers a similar level of absorption. It is appropriate for any recipe but a ratio of 1:2 should be started with and adding more according to taste.


Honey is a great alternative to trimoline and can also be used interchangeably. 1:2 is also a good ratio for honey and more can be added if more sweetness is desired. Just as with molasses, the honey will darken and have a deeper taste when cooked.

Corn Syrup

Corn syrup is one of the most common substitutes to trimoline and it is quite effective. Also available in liquid and powder form, the corn syrup comes in varying levels of sweetness. Start with the same ratio as above and add more if needed.

Glucose Syrup

Also known as dextrose, glucose syrup is an invert sugar and a great alternative to trimoline. It is not quite as sweet as molasses or honey but can be used interchangeably with trimoline. I use a 1:1 ratio and adjust as needed.

Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is often used in recipes that call for baking when subbing for trimoline. Brown sugar behaves more like granulated sugar and does not offer the same level of absorption as the substitutes listed above. But it is found in most pantries making it a good alternative if no other substitutions are available. Use a 1:1 ratio and add more according to taste.

Trimoline as a Sweetener

Some recipes call for the use of sweeteners like trimoline. They are invert sugars like and work well in many recipes. For example, hard candies made with invert sweetener will not need to be cooked or heated as much as regular candies that use corn syrup or glucose syrup. Just as trimoline, invert sweetener will absorb water, which is why it is best to use in recipes that call for an invert sugar.

Bottom Line

Trimoline is an invert sugar that is used as a sweetener and offers a nice level of sweetness. It also increases the volume and thickness of a recipe. The substitutes listed above provide similar levels of sweetness without introducing additional moisture into your recipe.

Use the substitutions to help you with recipes that call for trimoline, or simply use them in place of trimoline if you want to change up your desserts.