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  • mulberry french vegan crepes

    Egg Free Crepes (Vegan No Dairy)

    Classic French crepe flavor without the eggs! These delicate French style crepes are incredibly flavorful and the perfect base for any of your favorite fillings. Vegan and non dairy too! It is fair to say that I serve a lot of crepes in my home. My family and I like them so much that I’ve […] More

  • breakfast crepes on plate

    How To Make Crepes Without A Blender

    This classic crepe recipe is perfect for making without a blender or food processor! Easy and quick crepe perfect for any of your favorite sweet or savory fillings. When my blender is dirty (sometimes the dishes just have to wait) and I still want to make crepes I go to the good old fashion hand […] More

  • strawberry banana crepe with Nutella

    Strawberry Banana Crepes With Nutella

    Amazing Nutella crepes with strawberry and banana! So rich and delicious, perfect dessert crepe combination. Ok, so it’s unanimous in my household. This is the best dessert crepe of all time. This has become a Sunday family tradition when strawberries are in season. These crepes are simply unbelievable. The strawberry, banana, and cream is already […] More

  • crayfish blini

    Crepe Versus Blini

    What Is a Blini? Before you can get down to comparisons, it’s important to know what exactly a blini is. The batter of a blini is made using buckwheat flour and does not have any sugar in it. The finished product is similar to a pancake but is thin like a crepe and then stuffed […] More

  • raspberry cheese blintzes

    Crepe Versus Blintz

    What’s a Blintz? Many people may not be entirely familiar with what a blintz is. However, it’s a pretty common treat in Russia and the Ukraine. A blintz is a thin pancake similar to a crepe that is stuffed with sweetened cheese. Traditionally, a blintz is filled with what is known as “farmer’s cheese.” Farmer’s […] More

  • plate of stroganoff crepes with fresh tomatoes and steak

    Savory Stroganoff Crepes

    I’ve been enjoying this delicious savory crepe dish since I was a girl. My aunt called this her Crepes a la stroganoff and It was one of my favorites when visiting her house. The garlic, tomatoes, steak and crepe base flavors come together beautifully and it creates a feeling like coming home. Classic Crepe Ingredients […] More

  • tasty chili verde crepes

    Tasty Chili Verde Crepes

    If you are looking for a tasty and zesty chili verde crepe this is the recipe for you! I’ve been tweaking my family chili verde recipe over the years to cater it to my family’s specific tastes and I think this turns out absolutely wonderfully. It doesn’t take long to prepare and it works great […] More

  • folded crepe in crepe pan

    Dishes You Can Make With A Crepe Pan

    It’s no secret that I love making crepes and that means I get a ton of use out of my crepe pan. My family loves sweet and savory crepes but the crepe pan can be used for so many more recipes. Don’t think of your crepe pan as a one trick pony, crepes and galettes […] More

  • crepe with jam and raspberries

    Crepes Vs French Galette: What’s The Difference?

    Across most of the world, the general understanding between the French galette and the standard crepe is that crepes are sweet and galettes are savory; for the most part, this is absolutely the truth. Difference Between Crepes and French Galette However, in Brittany where crepes originated, assuming this to be the truth can show one’s […] More

  • strawberry and chocolate crepe

    Crepe Vs Pancake Vs Waffle

    History of the Dishes While similar in many ways, crepes, pancakes, and waffles have vastly different origins; because of this, their places in history are all quite different despite the fact that at the end of the day, they all make wonderful and traditional breakfast dishes. All of these breakfast dishes have their origins in […] More

  • crepe batter being prepared by hand

    How To Store Crepe Batter

    Refrigerating Your Batter Any leftover batter is best kept in an airtight container and then stored in the fridge. The batter will keep for about two days. If you have leftover crepes, these can also be stored in the fridge alongside the remaining batter and will keep for a few days. Simply reheat them when […] More

  • amazing curried chicken crepes

    Awesome Curried Chicken Crepes

    I cannot believe how much flavor is packed into these curried chicken crepes! They combine cooked chicken with jicama and a light vegetable sauce in the perfect proportions. This is another recipe inspired by my aunt who is an absolute whiz at creating amazing crepe recipes. I remember her making these back when I was […] More

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