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  • waffle sandwich with turkey

    Things to Do with Leftover Waffles

    Don’t throw away those waffles! There are so many great dishes you can make with leftover waffles. My husband makes a lot of waffles for me and the kids. And sometimes he goes a little overboard and makes more than we can finish. So that got me working on things to make with those waffles […] More

  • Bisquick pancake mix waffle with syrup

    Easy Pumpkin Waffles With Bisquick

    Quick and Simple Waffles Made with Bisquick Pancake Mix This is the perfect simple fall breakfast waffle recipe! The pumpkin flavor is so good and it is definitely one of the most requested waffles in my house. They offer just the right amount of sweet to be eaten on their own, or dressed up with […] More