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Things to Do with Leftover Ganache

Things to Do with Leftover Ganache

Ganache is one of my all time favorite frostings and fillings. I make it often! And sometimes I end up with leftover ganache and in order to not throw it away, I’ve come up with some great treat ideas for using leftover ganache.

Inspiration For Using Leftover Ganache


Finding More Things to Put a Topping on

There is really no limit to how many different kinds of foods that you can put ganache on as a topping. If you find that you have leftover ganache after making a cake and you may not be inclined to make another full cake, you could consider coating truffles with ganache. It can also be used on cookies, cake pops, and just about any small baked good. Ganache was designed to be a topping for different kinds of foods, meaning that if you have some leftover, then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try to find more foods that could benefit from a ganache coating. This works best if you have friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors who may appreciate having some desserts gifted to them while you find more things to put the ganache on.

Adding Flair to a Pudding

Most people think of pudding as being a fairly basic and tame dessert that they can enjoy at the end of a long day’s worth of work, and while this is absolutely true for some people, pudding can also be thought of as a blank canvas that you can add just about any topping to. This includes ganache. Ganache can be used in a number of different flavoring themes ranging from simple layers to more complex ideas, such as a tiramisu-style dessert. Chances are that if you are in the mood for some pudding and you don’t mind purchasing or making some, you will be able to find a use for the ganache in terms of finding a flavor or theme that works well for you. This is also an incredibly simple use of ganache, meaning that you won’t have to learn how to make anything new. Instead, you can just add the ganache to your pudding and enjoy the added texture and flavor.

Turning Ganache into Truffles

Another plan that you can opt toward can be to turn the ganache into truffles. When ganache has been left out for a little bit, it tends to harden and turn from a liquid-like icing to being something closer to a soft variation on fudge. This allows for you to do more with it than you otherwise would choose to do, such as make truffles out of it. With some added cocoa powder, coconut toppings, sprinkles, or other truffle toppings, you can turn the ganache into little chocolate bites that everyone can enjoy. This also makes quick use out of ganache, depending on what size truffles you are in the mood to be making and how many truffles you want to make at a time.

Turning Ganache into a Glaze

If you prefer to go the opposite direction with your ganache, shifting away from keeping it in its solid form and wanting it to be more like a sauce or a drizzle, you can simply just add some heavy cream to thin it out with. Other dairy products can get the job done, but heavy cream complements the flavor more, allowing for a tastier glaze. The ganache glaze can now be used as something to cover other desserts with, such as cinnamon rolls, ice cream, donuts, and so on. It can also be used as something similar to syrup, being applied to pancakes and waffles and adding a little bit of a different flavor profile than your standard maple syrup would.

Making Ganache Fondue

In a similar vein of thinking, you can also turn the ganache that you have left over into a fondue. All you will need for this is a source of heat and foods that you can dip the chocolate into. Warm ganache functions almost identically to the fondue chocolate that people tend to enjoy. Keep in mind that this won’t use up a lot of the ganache, though, so it only works well if you don’t have that much ganache to go through, or if you have other uses planned for it. Some of the foods that go well with this ganache-based fondue include fruits, cakes and brownies, marshmallows, pretzels, graham crackers, and similar.

Using the Ganache as a Filling

Most people are familiar with ganache as being used as a topping for cakes and brownies, sometimes being used to layer the same cakes, but not a lot of people think of ganache as being something that you would use as a filling, despite the fact that it works very well. The ganache may solidify a bit when you use it as a filling and this is something to keep in mind when you are figuring out what to use it as a filling for, as it can affect the texture. However, donuts, cupcakes, and similar foods can benefit from having ganache as a filling. This is a good solution to consider if you don’t have enough ganache to layer a full cake but you have just enough ganache for smaller cupcakes or donuts.

Using the Ganache as a Sauce

One final way to use ganache is simply by heating it up and pouring it over other foods. This is a great idea if you are trying to cut back on the fat but you still want something somewhat rich and delicious. The ganache tastes great with anything that you have in mind that needs a sauce, but some of the best candidates for this include chocolate cakes, brownies, muffins, cookies, sauces such as maple syrup or honey, and even fruit options.


Ganache is a versatile food option. It is easy to make, it can be adapted for a wide range of food types, and it only uses a few ingredients that are fairly common. The fact that you can even make ganache from chocolate chips makes the option even more convenient and practical.