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Things to Do with Leftover Pie Filling

Things to Do with Leftover Pie Filling

I make a lot of pies for family and friends, and I frequently have extra pie filling when I’m done baking. What to do with the leftovers? Glad you asked! There are a few recipes in this post that offer some creative ideas for what to do with your extra pie filling.

The great thing about these ideas is they are easy and delicious! What better combination can you get? There isn’t one!

What To Do With Leftover Pie Filling

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Oatmeal Additions

If you enjoy making overnight oats for your morning breakfast, one way to add some more flavor and health to your simple breakfast meal is to add a very small amount of pie filling to the oats before you set them in the fridge overnight.

This isn’t necessarily the best method to quickly make use of your pie filling, but if you have other uses for it and you still have oats to make, this can be a great way to chip down on the amount of pie filling that you have leftover.

This works with just about all pie fillings, so the one that works best for you depends entirely on what flavor you are in the mood to have that day.

Keep in mind that in order to keep the overnight oats in a condition where they can turn into oatmeal properly, you don’t want to use a lot of the pie filling, so this method doesn’t use a lot of pie filling at a time unless you are making a considerable amount of overnight oats.

Parfait and Yogurt Toppings

Many people enjoy having a dash of fruit alongside their parfaits and yogurts and these are common breakfast foods that are mixed with fruity toppings.

With that said, why not mix your own fruity topping into the yogurt or parfait? If you have pie filling that you need to make use of, one way to do so is to simply use it as a fruity topping for anything that can benefit from it.

The fruity toppings don’t have to be limited to parfait and yogurt. Anything from ice cream to cereal can benefit from having a fruity addition made to it and the only limiting factor is your imagination for what these fruits can be a topping for.

Pudding Additions

Likewise, many people see their pudding as a blank canvas that they can add just about anything to.

Some people choose to stick with basic flavor profiles such as caramel or chocolate, while other people enjoy experimenting with their pudding and seeing what they can add to it.

Pudding is notorious for being able to hold onto flavors, including fruit, so if you have some basic vanilla pudding that you were planning on eating, adding some of the leftover pie fillings you have can make the perfect addition.

You won’t want to add too much of the pie filling to the pudding or you may overpower the more delicate taste and texture of it, but finding the right balance of ingredients is part of the fun for many people.

Cake Layers

Pie fillings, despite the name, aren’t really exclusive to pies. You can put them in just about anything that benefits from the strong and sweet fruit flavor of these fillings.

One such example is using the pie filling as a way to add fruity flavoring to your favorite cake recipe.

Countless cakes can benefit from this addition, ranging from cobblers to layered cakes and dump cakes, ensuring that you can turn most cake recipes into ones that have a healthy amount of fruit mixed into them.

Keep in mind that you may have to make adjustments to the recipe accordingly so that you don’t have too much moisture or sugar added from the pie fillings.

Fruit Bars

Sometimes you don’t even have to use the pie filling as an addition to an already standard recipe. Pie filling can be the main component of the recipe.

A good example of this is using the pie filling as the main source of fruit for fruit bars.

All you have to do is add some eggs, butter, flour, salt, and sugar to the mix to give the fruit bars more of a base to sit on and then you can add the pie filling of your choice on top to create a healthy dessert alternative.

Here Are Some Pie Filling Specific Ideas!

Banana Cream Pie Filling

When I have leftover pie filling I like to make Banana Cream Pie variants. All you have to do is combine your pie filling with whipped topping and chopped bananas.

Now, if you don’t want the traditional flavor of banana cream pie, then you can try a strawberry cream pie or a pecan pie. Just substitute the bananas for strawberries or pecans as needed. Also, use whipped topping instead of cool whip for an even tastier treat!

Leftover Blueberry Pie Filling

If you have leftover blueberry pie filling simply combine it with a bag of frozen raspberries. You can add in a few tablespoons of sugar if you want and sprinkle cinnamon over the top. Top pancakes, waffles, or tarts with this awesome combo.

You can also add a half cup of orange juice to the pie filling and raspberries if you want a tangy flavor. If you do that, then you should be sure to reduce the sugar by half in the recipe.

You can also turn your filling into a blueberry sauce. All you have to do is add some cornstarch to the mixture and heat it slowly in a saucepan until it thickens up.

Leftover Apple Pie Filling

What better way to use up leftover apple pie filling than to make a warm skillet of apple cinnamon pancakes.

Make your favorite pancake recipe and top with warm apple pie filling. Sprinkle with some cinnamon and top with whipped cream for a scrumptious breakfast!

Leftover Peach Pie Filling

Make Peach Cobbler with your leftover peach pie filling. Just add it to the top of your favorite cobbler recipe.

This is a very easy and is one of my go to desserts. My family loves peach cobbler and I love not wasting my pie filling!

Leftover Pie Filling FAQ

How Long Does Pie Filling Stay Good?

Pie filling will stay good for about 3 days. That is usually how long I keep it in my refrigerator before making a new recipe using it.

How To Store Leftover Pie Filling

Leftover pie filling can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days. Keep it in an airtight container. I usually add it to a recipe within 2 days.

Can Pie Filling Be Frozen?

Yes, pie filling can be frozen and used later on.

You can freeze your pie filling by placing it in a freezer safe container for up to three months.

How To Thaw Frozen Pie Filling

Thawing frozen pie filling is easy! Just place it in the refrigerator until it thaws. That way you can use in a recipe or enjoy as a dessert.

If the pie filling is frozen solid then put it in the microwave to defrost. Be sure to stir frequently and watch as chunks that were frozen will melt first. Allow at least two minutes per cup of pie filling in the microwave.


Hopefully, the above list has given you some great ideas for using up your leftover pie filling. I love using my pie filling in other recipes. I think it really shows just how versatile that you can be with most of these leftover pie fillings and how adding just a little bit to whatever you’re cooking can take it to another level.