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Top Substitutes For Almond Butter

Top Substitutes For Almond Butter

Are you making a recipe that calls for almond butter but you’re all out? No need to worry, there are a few great substitutes you can use no matter what you are making.

I bake with almond butter a lot and sometimes my grocery store is out so I need to utilize an alternative. And I’ve used each of these and they all can provide you with the right flavor and texture replacement for your dish.

So what are the best almond butter substitutes?

The top substitutes for almond butter are peanut butter, cashew butter, tahini, sunflower butter, hazelnut butter, pecan butter, pistachio butter, and walnut butter.

Almond Butter Alternatives

No matter if you’ve run out of almond butter or have an allergy to deal with, use one of these amazing nut or seed butters for a delicious texture and flavor replacement in your recipe.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is the most popular nut butter with a creamy texture and strong peanut flavor. A great substitute for almond butter in cookies, brownies, cakes, frosting, and smoothies. Peanut butter is incredibly versatile and I use it in my kitchen all the time.

Cashew Butter

Cashew butter is a sweet and creamy spread with an intense cashew flavor. Use it in the place of almond butter to add some grainier texture to cookies or add a sweet tangy flavor to cake frosting.

Sesame Seed Butter (Tahini)

Unlike most nut butters, sesame seed butter has a stronger sesame taste and is slightly less creamy than peanut butter. Use it in the place of almond butter to add some flavor variety to any recipe.

Sunflower Seed Butter

Sunflower seed butter is extremely versatile and can be used in between the layers of bread, on top of cookies, or as a frosting. Sunflower seed butter has a mild sweet flavor that will complement sweeter desserts.

Hazelnut Butter

Hearty and nutty, hazelnut butter is a great replacement for almond butter to add a mild flavoring to recipes. Hazelnut butter is great in the place of almond butter on toast, on cookies, or as a spread.

Pecan Butter

Fruity and sweet, pecan butter adds a nice pecan flavor to any recipe. Great in the place of almond butter in breads or cookies, or as a spread across a layered cake.

Pistachio Butter

This nut butter offers a wonderful buttery flavor that is an awesome substitute for almond butter. Pistachio butter adds a unique nutty flavor and mild creamy texture to any recipe.

Walnut Butter

For an intense nutty flavor, use walnut butter in the place of almond butter. Walnut butter can be used in the same way cinnamon or coconut oil are used every day in my kitchen. A replacement for almond butter in cookies, cakes, and brownies.

What Is Almond Butter Used For?

Almond butter is a thicker, smooth spread made from the ground seeds of almond. It differs from almond paste in that it has no added water or sweeteners.

The addition of oil (typically peanut, olive, or another kind), can make the product easier to spread and more stable in flavor and texture. But there are also some recipes when I use almond butter straight out of the jar without using any type of oil.

Bottom Line

What are the best substitutes for almond butter? There is a great variety of nut and seed butters out there you can use to make your recipes more exciting.

Whether you are looking for almond butter alternatives or other healthful products, I urge you to stock up on your favorite raw nuts and seeds and experiment, you will be amazed at the new flavors you can create.