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Creative Ways to Use Ice Cream Cones

Creative Ways to Use Ice Cream Cones

Have you ever had leftover ice cream cones and didn’t know what to do with them before they go bad?

Well, we have come up with creative ways you can use ice cream cones. Whether it’s to keep your favorite flavor of ice cream cold while you’re on the go or to take an unusual homemade dessert to a party, we’ve got you covered.

What are some other creative uses for ice cream cones that we missed? Let us know in the comments below. Happy eating!

Treat Inspiration For Using Ice Cream Cones

row of three ice cream cones

Ice Cream Cones as Pie Crusts

Chances are that if you make pies somewhat frequently, then you will have thought of using some of the non-standard pie crusts that are out there. From cookie crusts to cracker crusts and everything in between, as long as something is somewhat similar to the texture and material of your standard pie crust, it can probably be turned into an alternative pie crust and ice cream cones are no exception to this rule.
You may have to make some adjustments to cooking times and it may be tough to get it right the first time, but using ice cream cones as a substitute for standard pie crust material is a great way to go through leftover cones that you don’t have the ice cream to fill up.

Toppings for Fruit Salads

People often use graham crackers and crumble them up to add some fairly nutrition-neutral crunch to their fruit salads. Other people might opt for granola, or even oats. If you find that you are in the mood for a fruit-based snack and you have a lot of plain ice cream cones left in your pantry, you may want to consider crumbling them up and turning them into a topping for fruit salads and other fruit-centric dishes that can benefit from having a mildly sweet crunch. The texture may be slightly lighter than your standard oat, granola, or graham cracker toppings, but it is still an effective way to make use of your ice cream cones.

Toppings for Yogurt, Parfaits, and Ice Cream

Just as graham crackers and granola can complement a fruit-based dish, they can also go well with smooth and creamy dishes, such as yogurt and parfaits. If you are looking for a way to add some crunch to these otherwise simple dishes, making use of leftover ice cream cones can work well as long as the cones themselves aren’t too stale. If you are eating ice cream out of a bowl or have other reasons not to use the cones with the ice cream, you can also consider using those ice cream cones as a topping the same way that you would with graham crackers.

Holders for Other Foods

While ice cream cones are primarily used to hold ice cream and to go along with the taste and texture of ice cream, there are no rules stating that they have to be used with ice cream only. If you have a number of ice cream cones left over from the last batch of ice cream that you made, you could consider using the cones as a way to hold other foods or to create other desserts. They can hold anything from yogurt to other semi-solid desserts, and the light and airy texture of an ice cream cone often goes well with these kinds of textures.

Variation on the Cannoli

You may not always make the connection that quickly, but ice cream cones and the shell of the cannoli are extremely similar in texture and taste, meaning that if you have the ingredients to make the cream of the cannoli, you could make a variation of the cannoli as a whole. There’s no reason that the cannolis you make have to be standard and the exact same as what you purchase in the store, giving you all the more reason to experiment with the idea of ice cream cone cannolis.

Cake Decorations

This final use of the ice cream cone is best used if you have younger children and you have a good reason to bake a cake. Ice cream cones are a fairly light food and won’t affect the overall taste and texture of a cake that much, making them a good idea for a topping on a cake. Because they can come in all different shapes and sizes, you can work with your children to come up with a theme that can incorporate ice cream cones as a design component, such as being the tower of a castle. This makes for a fun afternoon with the kids that ends in cake for everyone.


Other design ideas include sandcastles and beach themes, forests (with the cones being the trees), a fantasy candy land theme, and so on. If you want to spread out the joys of decorating a cake with your children, you can even consider taking them to the store and choosing a collection of toppings to go along with the theme of their choice.