What Are Good Vegan Substitutes for Mascarpone Cheese in Desserts?

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Mascarpone cheese is a staple for bakers, and it is made using heavy cream. Oftentimes, mascarpone cheese is compared to cream cheese, although mascarpone tends to be richer and a bit sweeter since cream cheese is made using whole milk instead of heavy cream.

Mascarpone is used to make desserts such as cheesecake, muffins, cakes, or it can even be eaten on its own. If you’re a vegan, traditional mascarpone isn’t something you can eat. Luckily, there are several substitutes for mascarpone that can be used to make vegan desserts.

Vegan Mascarpone Cheese

You can always purchase vegan mascarpone cheese, but you can also make it yourself. Homemade vegan mascarpone is just as delicious as traditional mascarpone and is made using only a few ingredients – cashews, coconut cream, lemon juice, maple syrup, and a pinch of salt.

You will start by soaking the cashews overnight to soften them before using them in your mixture. Be sure to add your can of coconut cream to the fridge too so that it separates out.

Once the cashews are ready, blend them until smooth and add in coconut cream, lemon juice, and salt. To sweeten your mixture, you’ll add in your maple syrup, adding more or less as you go depending on how sweet you want your mascarpone.

Use a Vegan Cream Cheese

Another great alternative for mascarpone is vegan cream cheese, which is usually made with an almond milk base. Blend the vegan cream cheese with coconut milk and lemon juice and you’ve just created a vegan substitute for mascarpone cheese.

To sweeten it, you can use agave syrup or even an orange rind to give it a hint of citrus.

Using Tofu

Believe it or not, you make vegan mascarpone using tofu. All you need is a package of silken tofu, raw cashews, lemon juice, and salt.

Making this is simple: simply combine all of the ingredients together in a blender and put it on high speed. Be sure to blend until your mixture is entirely smooth, which could take a few tries. When you feel like your mixture is as smooth as it’s going to get, you can scoop it out and place it into a container. Then, leave it in the fridge to firm up.

Tofu is a great ingredient to use here because of the fact that it can be blended down to be of a creamy consistency. This in turn makes a great alternative for dairy when trying to make vegan versions of mascarpone or even vegan ice cream.

How to Use Vegan Mascarpone

You can use your freshly made vegan mascarpone in the same way that you would use your traditional non-vegan mascarpone. The sweetness of mascarpone means it’s often used in desserts such as tiramisu, but you can always use it in savory recipes too.

Mascarpone makes a great pizza topper or even base as a replacement for sauce. In fact, you can even mix it into your pasta sauce for a creamier texture. If you aren’t feeling up to making anything too crazy, you can simply use your mascarpone as a dip for your fruits and vegetables.

Mascarpone also helps make a great vegan frosting for cakes or cupcakes or even as a substitute for whipped cream. The sweetness of mascarpone means that you can even scoop some of it into your coffee or hot chocolate as an alternative to milk and creamer.

Storing Vegan Mascarpone

After it’s made, mascarpone typically lasts up to a week in the fridge where it should be stored in an airtight container.

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