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Tasty Ideas: Things To Do With Leftover Frosting

Tasty Ideas: Things To Do With Leftover Frosting

I bake a lot of cakes and there are plenty of times where I have leftover frosting. I used to just let it go to waste, but then I realized there are so many other things that you can make with frosting!

It’s like a cheat code where you get two treats in one! So read on for some leftover frosting inspiration.

What To Do With Leftover Frosting

frosted cupcakes

Frosting Cookies

This is super easy to do! Simply roll the leftover frosting flat, and cut shapes out using cutters. Bake at 350 degrees for 5-10 minutes, let cool and enjoy. You can even use cookie templates if you have them!

Frosting Muffins

Frosting muffins are a great way to use some of your leftover frosting and it’s even better as a surprise inside your muffin for those who don’t know about it ahead of time. Simply cut shapes using cutters, even different designs if desired. Bake as usual and let cool.

Frosting Cupcakes

If you’re doing several cupcakes, then you don’t have to get as fancy when frosting them. You can just pipe a round or rectangle shape on top of the cupcake and use your favorite decoration to finish it off.

Frosting Pie Crust

This is a fun way to use your leftover frosting. Place the piece of leftover cake on top of your pie crust. Use a fork to lightly poke holes on the top and sides, then place sprinkles or other decorations on top (if desired). Bake as usual and let cool.

Baking More Desserts

Sometimes, you just need an excuse to make more desserts.

No matter if you were already baking cookies and that’s what the frosting was being used for, or if you just got done covering a cake in frosting, a good way to use up frosting that you aren’t entirely sure what to do with is to simply create a use for it.

Children, family, friends, and people that you meet with regularly surely won’t mind the extra food if you know that you aren’t going to eat the extra cookies or cake on your own, so it can also serve as a good way to give back to a community that you participate in.

Turning Healthy Food Into Tasty Food

Using frosting on traditionally “healthy” foods is something that most people wouldn’t give a lot of thought to.

The truth is that it can be a fairly healthy way for you to create the taste and texture of something that is unhealthy without carrying the same amount of unhealthiness with it.

For example, you could consider putting it on a sweet potato to emphasize the natural sweetness of the potato, turning it into something similar to a donut.

Frosting can be used as an alternative to some other, less healthy sweetening options, allowing you to eat healthy while also making use of an overabundance of frosting.

A Cream Cheese Replacement

This idea may only work if the frosting that you made bears a fair amount of resemblance to your standard cream cheese dips and spreads.

If your frosting is of another variety, you may want to consider another option for it.

With that being said, if your frosting tastes similar to cream cheese and it has the same texture as it, then what’s stopping you from using it as a temporary replacement until you have gone through the excess frosting?

Cream cheese is commonly used on sandwiches and with breakfast, giving you plenty of opportunity to use it throughout the day.

A good example of this would be cream cheese (or in this case, your frosting), jam, mascarpone cheese, and Nutella all in one sandwich, which can create an interesting take on desserts.

Creating a Brand-New Dessert

Just because frosting is typically used for cakes and cookies doesn’t mean that this is all it is limited to be used for.

You can use frosting as a type of filling for other makeshift desserts that can either be given to family, neighbors, or coworkers, or be kept at home to add to the desserts you have already made.

There are a couple examples you could go with. Some people will make little “sandwiches” out of vanilla cookies, frosting, and sprinkles.

Other people may make “dumplings,” using the frosting as the main filler and serving it with a warmed fudge dipping sauce.

Using the Frosting as a Dip

Just as you can use the frosting as a filling for new desserts or as a covering for your standard cookies and cakes, you can also consider using the frosting as a dip for other desserts.

You can either have cookies, wafers, pretzels, or another kind of food that goes well with dips or spreads and treat the leftover frosting as you would any other kind of dip or spread.

Depending on the ingredients you used for the frosting, you can also consider microwaving it to get it into a more liquid state to be used for dips or even as a replacement for hot fudge sauce on your next bowl of ice cream.


Now that you know what you can do with extra frosting, go out there and make your wonderful creations! There are endless possibilities.